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Writing Prompts #160 & #161



By now - you know the drill... We gives youse two prompts - you writes... Dat easy!


Seriously though, thanks again to Comicfan for this week's prompts. We hope they intrigue you enough to try one or both - and please be sure to share with the community in our Writing Prompts forum.


Prompt 160 – Creative
Tag – The dog
You hadn’t noticed it at first but now you can’t ignore it. There is a dog following you. You see him when you take your run through the park. You’ve seen him when you go to your local food store. Now there he is sitting at the end of your driveway watching your house. What is up with that dog?


Prompt 161 – Challenge
Tag – Story Time
Think of an event you enjoy watching and know plenty about. What five words immediately come to mind – list them. Now write a scene about that event where you are forbidden from using the five words you have listed.


These are both the perfect way to jump into writing and sharing what you write. Just pick one - and go... And who knows, in a future Prompt Me, maybe we'll feature your response. For this week, I went back to Prompt 47 that we had last summer.


The prompt was: Pick any fairy/nursery/tall tale, take a secondary character's POV, and rewrite the story. Extra Credit: if the POV you chose is a good guy, make them the bad guy. And visa versa.


Dolores Esteban took The Frog Prince and:

The Frog Prince (Heinrich)


A colored coach drove up, decorated with plumes of feathers and a golden harness, and drawn by eight beautiful horses. Behind the coach rode the prince's servant, faithful Heinrich, who had bewailed the misfortunes of his dear master so long and so bitterly that his heart had almost burst.


Heinrich smiled at the young princess who had broken the cruel charm of a spiteful fairy and thus had changed the prince’s miserable fate. Heinrich gave his master a humble nod. The prince smiled cheerfully. He had nothing to wish for but that the young princess should go with him into his father’s kingdom, where he would marry her and love her as long as she lived.


The spiteful fairy had changed the prince into a frog. Only the princess had been able to change him back, because she had taken the frog out of the spring where he lived, and had let him eat from her plate and sleep upon her bed for three nights.


To see how she finished the story, here is the link to her full prompt response.


Now it's your turn - take a change and try out one of this week's prompts. Happy writing!


Recommended Comments

#161 sounds familiar for some reason. Have we had a similar prompt recently, or am I just slowly going strange?


I like #160, not overly drawn to trying out #161; not yet anyway, maybe after I sleep on it, inspiration will come.

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I like to read the prompt, but never have enough time to write anything. Maybe after I finish my current project, i'll have more time :D

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Nice thing - while the current week's prompts are pushed out there, you can always browse through the Writing Prompt forum and pick any prompt to try out. It's one reason I sometimes dip into the past, like today's, and pull out a response from some time back. And Dolores - yours was picked because it was good, so thank YOU for some enjoyable writing!

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