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Writing Prompts #164 & #165

Renee Stevens


One of the things I personally love about the weekly blog is the Prompt Me that debuts every Friday. Comicfan always manages to come up with something that sounds quite interesting and this week is no exception. If you tackle either of these prompts why not share them with everyone else by posting them in the Writing Prompt Forum!


Prompt 164 – Creative
Tag – The Stranger
They showed up out of nowhere and seem to know everything about your life. Your friends and the rest of your family readily accept them, but all they do is make you nervous. Who is this stranger and why do they know so much about you?


Prompt 165 – Creative
Tag – Extinct
You’ve seen the movies where scientists screw up and try to bring back something that was extinct and cause all sorts of trouble. Well evidently they didn’t and decided they would try with something that couldn’t possibly be problematic. What did the scientists bring back into existence?


Now, as everyone knows, we share a past prompt response. I thought it might be kind of interesting to look at something that was written exactly one year ago from today. I went searching and found a prompt written by Admin/Hosted Author/WST Deputy Lead/and much much more: Cia. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


She wrote this in response to prompt #61: Everyone knows the story of E. Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas. Your task is to create a new character dealing with the Spirit of any other holiday. Will you have someone who hates the 4th of July. Maybe the mother of nine children who is visited by the Spirit of Mother's day to tell her what a great job she is doing? Put your spin on the idea of a Spirit of the holiday and why they might visit your character. Good luck and have fun.

“Who are you?”


The tall guy on my porch grinned wickedly. “I am the ghost of Halloween!”He tried to go for the spooky sound effect and made some weird faces at me.


I rolled my eyes. “Whatever. You two days late man. Halloween’s over, the candy is all gone and if you don’t leave I’m calling the cops and telling them a pervert is lurking outside my apartment.”


I was annoyed that the threat didn’t even faze the idiot who was ringing my doorbell at eleven pm. I had work in the morning and then school and then more work. I had just wanted to blow out the candle in the window and saw this nutcase at my door. I was too tired, too worn out for this with all I had to do tomorrow. Plus… Jakob.


To read the rest of this dribble, click here.


Recommended Comments

Let's see how much work I get done tonight on chapter #11, I would love to try one of these again.. But alas, I got more plot bunnies crawling in my mind.......

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I like number 164, hopefully I'll find some time between now and, er, er, Easter 2015 :)


Andrew, I sympathise with you and your plot bunnies. My plot bunnies have plot bunnies :(

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I think I've done rather well with keeping focus on J&K, but I got a new story idea yesterday.. Please kill me :).

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I've got ideas running around for half a dozen stories. Not to mention writing two anthologies, two in process stories, and four other stories I'm working on but not yet posting.


I'll make you a deal. I'll kill you only if you kill me :lol:

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Gentlemen, haven't you realized what I do with the plot bunnies I don't have time to hunt down and work with? Can you say over a hundred prompts and counting? lol. Now even I will work on one now and then. But then again one of my plot bunnies snared Andy and got him to write a whole new story. They can be bad that way. Forgive me I have a Fall Anthology to finish, Seeon to rewrite, Jonas to finish, the Winter Anthology partially done, and oh yeah the new End of the World Anthology to figure out. So don't come crying to me about work!! Oh and I have a few new prompts to create. :lol:

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# 165 caught my interest. There are many more I'd like to work on. But, alas, I need to edit the Mayan Anthology story, and unfortunately I can't come up with an idea for the Winter Anthology. I wrote a story, but now I think it's crap. But # 165 sounds indeed interesting...

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