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authors: Please Don't do this to your characters



The film is called the Mudge Boy (http://en.wikipedia....i/The_Mudge_Boy).


It's a highly rated G&L film. It's all very literary and boring and filled with stereotypical characters that you will instantly recognize: the hapless gay youth, the father that doesn't understand, the bullies, the unrequited love... It's the sort of film the critics love.


I hate it! Oh my God is it ever a stinker. Why do you ask? The writing.


This 4 star piece of crap takes all the negative stereotypes about gay people that it can find, wraps them in literary hash and puts them on film.


The gay kid is my #1 problem.


Of course with a name like "Mudge", start the protagonist with a serious depression and an inferiority complex.


He is written to be a mental case, not necessarily gay. His mother died in the back story of the film so naturally he befriends a chicken. When the chicken becomes upset he puts the chickens head in his mouth to calm it down. Of course the god damned chicken calms down! It thinks you are about to eat it you fucking idiot!


When he is not molesting farm animals, he is wearing his deceased mothers clothes.


OK just fucking stop! WHAT THE suffering, stuttering FUCK!? That's not gay. That's a serious mental disorder.


Start a club against it. I'll join. Just say no cross-dressing chicken fellatio!


No wonder people join the Family Research Council and the American Family Association. They watched this film and think we're mental.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!


I am not looking for G&L films to be p0rn or propaganda but this one is not labeled right. It's not a gay coming of age story: it's a disturbed little fuck's coming of age story.


Authors! Don't do this to your characters! Unless of course, you are writing about crazy people.


Granted- growing up gay in a lot of places can make you pretty crazy. I'm living proof of that. But crazy enough to perform fellatio on a chicken head?




Characters need their flaws, their weaknesses and faults but don't go overboard. It is very easy to go from a sympathetic character to a flawed character to a character that readers respond to with revulsion. The difference can be measured in millimeters.

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Bloody hell. This made me laugh so hard. So the chicken's head is a representation of the phallus which obviously is retarded. Haha. I have to watch this film. Papa needs a good laugh or two.

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Well said!

I never liked the film, I thought it was a terrible representation of a coming of age story, so I'm glad I'm not the only one. :P

Did enjoy your rant though. :) 10 points. :)

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But... But... My characters like chicken!


Seriously, while I don't think wearing his mother's clothes would necessarily be a 'mental issue' if it was simply the fashion he was going for, not the fact that they're his dead mother's clothes specifically, the description of the movie you gave is quite disturbing.

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ROFL! I am laughing so hard right now! I gotta watch this movie... Chicken Fellatio! Really! They made him do that for real? Epic Lol!

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