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Hello, World

Andrew Todd


Wow!! A blog...


Never thought I'd be doing this, though if you had told me a month ago that I'd a written 24 chapters of a story that generated the kind of response that my first story "Riding Lessons' have I'd have just laughed it off.


Before I get started, i do want to take a moment to thank all of the folks who have been so generous in their praise and forthcoming in their critism of my first writing effort. I thought maybe I'd get a few e-mails and then the story would end up being one of those stories that gets buried 5 pages in on Nifty. Now, here I am a little over a month after the first chapter posted and I'm still getting these wonderful e-mails for each chapter. hug.gif


The greatest surprise was getting e-mails from writers that I had been following and having them offer me praise and encouragement. It's like being a neophyte singer and having Barbra Streisand give you a complement.


Shout outs to Ricky ('Blind Sensations'), reddirtwriter ('Maverick Cattle Company'), David Lee ('Tommy and Tanner'), Bobby Chester ('Jamie Lawrence') and Chris Johns ('Beautiful Fawns')...some of these awesome writer can be found here and some on Nifty...check them out... Also on Nifty in the 'Beginnings' section you can check out my other story "Ryan" written for and inspired by fellow writer, Ryan White (find his stories in the Prolific Authors Section...my personal favorite is 'Together for Christmas')...can't be published here cuz it's apparently got too much nookie and not enough 'story'...wink.png


So what do I want to do with my blog?




Well, I'm a movie, music and book nut (all kinds of books, including comics)...so a large part of this blog will probably be me offering suggestions and review of new entertainment offerings. matt.gif


I'm also a political junkie...(please don't throw anything)...so I'm sure comments on the events of the day will creep in. innocent.gif


And I love my sports...especially football...Go Pats!! So there will be some of that.Vic2.gif


And I'll probably answer some of the questions that seem to pop up in my e-mails from time to time (if you have any of your own... atodd867@gmail.com)


Basically, it's what is says up there...a glimpse inside my twisted little mind...


Just might be fun...

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Hey! Welcome to GA, Andrew. I've read the first two chapters of your story and am really enjoying it. Exceptionally well written.


Keep up the good work.

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