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Bigot Americans worsen the position of gays abroad



Bigot Americans fighting against gays abroad.


I am disgusted that this is happening. It's revolting, I really don't have any understanding for this. Funnily enough, they would never move in to those countries. But they have enough guts to spread their venomous pile of crap there. Great how American notion of free speech and religion gave birth to one of the weirdest parade of lunatic churches, cults and gay-bashing freaks that are influencing lives of people in other countries that don't get the benefits from the Constitutional Amendments behind which these "preachers" are hiding.

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Most American Christians are not so judgmental and condemning.  The few who are apparently find a receptive audience in parts of Africa, eastern Europe, and the Caribbean as the article concludes:


In America exponents of such ideas are liable to be dismissed as cranks and bigots; for their part they regard their own country as morally lost. But on their travels abroad they receive a respectful hearing, addressing parliaments and appearing on mainstream television.


That sort of reception boosts morale, but can offer practical benefits, too. Influence, visibility and access, in countries where (as the faithful see it) righteousness remains unvanquished, all help with fund-raising. The activists often traverse the same circuit, in what could be seen as a kind of competition.


The arguments they deploy make the connection between the changes in the West and the pushback elsewhere explicit. Anti-discrimination laws and other liberalising reforms are evidence of a worldwide secular conspiracy, against which Africa, or eastern Europe, or the Caribbean must fortify themselves. Occasional rebukes by the American government about persecution of gays abroad only prove the conspiracy’s power. Some clues suggest that the itinerants’ real focus is elsewhere. Their sound and fury about issues such as gay marriage and adoption may resonate in America, yet have little relevance in countries where even private homosexual acts are illegal.



Most of these anti-gay "missionaries" seek only to enhance their standing back home in the US.


My compliments to you, Pavel, and to all who read The Economist.

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Religion and homosexuality is always going to be a hot topic.


I was brought up in a very religious home, and it has taken me a long time to accept that I am who I am, there was no choice to be this way, I don't believe i was created to be gay. It is just part of who I am.


However there will always be people in the world with prejudices, even gay people.


As shameful as it is, true peace and acceptance will not come to this world. There is too much money and power to be had in wars, and hate, and crimes against humanity. While the dollar rules, people will continue to suffer for all kinds of greed and hate.

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There is a profound difference, though, between simply being bigoted in whatever unpleasant beliefs are held, and rabble rousing hate. The Bible Belt and radical Islam are frighteningly similar in their hate mongering. In my view "free speech" stops at the door of rabble rousing that is intended to incite societal hatred of any group within that society. The lessons of history should not have to be learned all over again.

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... "free speech" stops at the door of rabble rousing that is intended to incite societal hatred of any group within that society.


Under US law it does.  Enforcement is sometimes spotty.

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