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I Won an Oscar Last Night

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Yettie One


Stephen Spielberg stand aside. Peter Jackson can come see me for lessons! Had George Lucas on the phone all morning, and Andy Wachowski is going all "Desperately Seeking Susan" on me!!!


And why is all this happening?


Well, it is simple really! If you'd been in my dream last night, you'd have had no doubt it was a masterpiece of visual fiction.


Oh man there was edge of your seat action. In fact, forget edge of the seat, the whole gallery would have been on its feet cheering. There was suspense and tension unlike anything you could ever imagine. I was hanging on every word in the dream I assure you. As for the visuals and on location scenery, even New Zealand's lush settings depicted in Lord of the Rings didn't come close.


There was everything from a ridiculously risky chase, to mind blowing special effects, and hell, whoever did the casting for my dream did one HELL of a job. I've never seen such beautiful people other than in my dreams. The lead actor was erm........ Heaven. Stunning is not close enough to the word needed to aptly describe the effect he had on me.


I'm telling you, if I could produce this dream on the big screen, it'd clean up at every awards ceremony you could imagine. Cain's film festival would never be the same after screening such a magnificent feature film, and be if the Bafta's, the Golden Globes, the Emmy's or the MTV movie awards, they'd all be coming home with me.




What is the marvellously wonderful movie all about you ask?



Here in lies the problem. I can't remember! :/


All I know is that when I woke up this morning, I knew I'd been a part of a truly sublime, breathtakingly spectacular experience while lost in slumber land. I have spent huge tracts of time today desperately trying to recall what it was that had such an effect on me, and took me to such amazing highs and such visceral lows while I slept.


Why the hell do dreams fade so quickly? :(


I am sure if I could remember, I'd have pure gold on my hands. Jeeeesh, making a movie of that magnitude would be a licence to print money.... I am convinced. :P


The human imagination is really remarkable, and the fact that in my sleep it can generate something so powerful and mind blowing is beyond me. How it was able to take little bits of everything I've ever seen and put it all together into a flowing, detailed narrative that had me spellbound despite being completely unaware of anything going on around me is quite fantastical. Oh the power of the mind. If only we could tap into it a little more, just a smidgen more than we do.


We'd be a very intelligent lot indeed. Instead I spent the day feeling like an idiot, day dreaming about a dream I know was sensational, yet know nothing about. How ironic is that! :/


Oh I am a strange Yettie at times, but I tell you what. If I can continue dreaming on that scale, I am going to cancel my Netflix subscription, and rely on slumber for my visual fiction fix. :P


It's a bank holiday weekend here in the UK, and got gigs going on for three of my artists this weekend, so it is a real busy one for me. Here's hoping that you have a really good time what ever you have planned. If you are in the UK and get to enjoy the holiday, stay safe and be good. And if you can't be good, then just be bloody good at it.


To those of you that have to work on Monday. Hmmmmmmm, I will be thinking of you as I have a nice lazy lie in! ;) hehe.


Hugs to ya all. :hug:

Lemme know what you been up to.


Thought for today - "Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away, and move onto something that is more productive." Donald Trump

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:lol: :lol: Yes, you should cancel Netflix - read a book instead ;)

And yes - I'll be at work 7 am on Monday :pinch:

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An average dream exists for only 0.8 sec. The whole thing may just be strings of different dreams one after another, occurring as long as half an hour apart.


BTW Vivid dreaming is not a great thing, especially if it is a nightmare. It mostly indicates seizure  activity in the brain.


And the hero was memorable, huh? o.O


Have fun at work. I have to work on weekends as well as Mondays (since I follow the Islamic Friday system here in BD) and Medical interns can and do work seven days a week.

Take care.

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I've had dream like that too, Yettie. The ones where the whole thing plays out with a plot complete with interesting camera angles and smooth transitions; a movie on an epic scale. It's so maddening when you wake up and it filters away.


All you can do it try to write down what you can immediately before it fades. Bummer.


How were the sex scenes? You can't tell me you didn't put in some of those. :D

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