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Hibernation can suck

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Yettie One



How long has it been since I have sat down to tap on the keyboard to write a blog???


Too damn long if I am honest.

So, yeah, I kind of fell off the face of the planet for a while.

Actually still not totally in control of things for that matter, but as they go, there is not an awful lot of difference I can make to anything, other than keep the old chin (actually all three of them haha) up and plod on.


Medically I was dealt a blow a number of months back.

Never a good thing to hear that you are mortal, after all, us hairy Yettie's assume that life is forever, and don't consider that there is a finite limit to our time here.

So yeah, it totally blew me for a six to be told that I was going to be dealing with some stuff that I'd hoped I'd never actually have to face. Stupidity really, we all face something along the way right?


So that was the first issue that kind of initially took me off the radar. I needed some time and space to process what was happening to me, and learn to deal with it.


In the midst of that, I got news that I'd won a grant that I'd applied for to get a part of my tiny little business off the ground a bit more.

OMG. That was a shock as well, more so because I'd planned everything out when I had loads of time on my hands, and no treatment regime to deal with.

Thing is, to say no now, would have seriously impacted on my ability as a business, and my reputation with the Arts Council who awarded the grant.

So to hell with it right. Dive in the deepend and learn to swim.

I am not quite sure I've learnt to swim yet, more of an ugly doggy paddle, but for what it is worth, I am glad I did it, as I've suddenly gone from being a tiny little no one in the industry to a recognised name in my area now. Three employee's on board and growing, and some really interesting ups and downs with artists, pre Madonna's and diva's galore. So much had to be learnt, and I found myself with my nose in books about the music industry, talking about stuff I'd never considered possible.

Quite a bit different to reading on GA.


God, anyone ever said they miss this place?

Ya know, not sure that it is the stories that I missed. I haven't really had time to think about them too much, but there are people from GA that I feel really lonely without!

The motherly warmth of those that brood over us and see that we are ok and doing what we should. The banter from the cheeky sods that love to tease and chortle. The serious conversations with dedicated writers about plots and characters and all that.


Yeah, truth be told, I wish I had 48 hours in every day so I could spend 24 doing what I have to do, 12 doing GA stuff, and maybe 12 sleeping.

That would be a good deal. Anyone know God's number so I can call him and lobby for a change in the length of a day???


Thankfully, I have kept in touch via facebook with a few of you. I'm greatful for that contact and friendship. There are a few I also get to chat to on Skype that is always good for a laugh, but I don't get to go on skype all that much anymore! :(


On other fronts, mom is ok. Although the Alzheimer's has progressed along, and there are days I have to deal with being just about anyone, generally she is in good spirits. She gets very confused about what I do for work. The idea that I can manage someone that creates music is just a step to far for her to comprehend. Conversations can be a challenge, as she struggles to get words out and memory is obviously a problem. I have found she has become very quite of late, and think that is more out of pure frustration she feels at not being able to communicate as she'd like.


Winter is upon us in the UK. They say we are due for snow soon. :/ Not sure I like the sound of that! Argh.

Gunna be a bad winter the forecasters say.

Although having said that, a few weeks ago we were supposed to get the storm of the year, and not a bloody thing happened.


Not sure how you get it that wrong!


I discovered spiced apple sausages in the butchers down the road today. OMG, we had them for dinner and damn they are good. :P

I can strongly recommend them if you can get your hands on them. Oooooooft.


So, yeah. Bit of an update. Probably not all the info that's happened since I was last on, but still, hope it gives you some light on what I've been up to. Be nice to hear from those of you that can spare a mo or two. :)

Hugs to everyone that wants a hug.

And for those that don't I can offer a handshake. :)


Take care and talk soon I hope.



Saying for today - "Absense blots people out. We really have no absent friends!" - Ambrose Bierce


Song for today - https://soundcloud.com/ryanjyoung/tramlines


Enjoy. :)

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It's good to have you back. Since I have you neither on Skype nor Facebook, I have to admit I was a little bit worried... Glad to know you're okay and getting on with things. :hug:

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Glad the Abominable One is back! :P


Hey Zombie..... Glad there has not been an annihilation in my absence. :P

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Hey, cuz! Glad to see ya. I was just thinking about you yesterday.


Good to hear about the biz. You made the right decision.


“Whatever you're meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.”
― Doris Lessing


Sorry to hear about your mom, but it sounds as if you're dealing with it as well as can be expected.


As for your health, well, there's always gonna be something. Keep your spirits up, and do the best you can with the cards you're dealt.



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I don't keep up with nearly as many people as I used to from GA on Skype (darn that program, I want my msn back!) but I'm always here if you want to chat. The best thing about GA is that while people come, and go, and come again... we're always here. The supportive community on the site, whether you're trying to write or read or just live life, will remain for those who need it.


It sounds like you have a ton on your plate. While 12 hours every 48 would be amazing... maybe 30 minutes, an hour, two... whenever you can squeeze them in without stressing YOU out is just as good. I'm so glad you've decided to come back though.

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Glad to hear you are keeping busy and that you were not just hiding from life.   Get through your medical treatment regimen and be gentle with mom.    Being busy is not such a bad thing.  It seems in retrospect that I was so busy in my thirties, forties and fifties that I can't imagine how I got through them.  


Stay in touch as much as time permits!

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I'll take a hug please:)  So glad to see you back, and to see this wonderful blog.  Your blogs were always great!  Keep your chin up and your songs in your heart.  Your future is bright.  Run with it and enjoy your accomplishments:))))))   Hugs!!

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Your blog answered all my questions I want to ask you:  where have you been hiding? how are you lately? are you parents alright?  what have you been doing?  So nice when I read your status again.  I thought you abandoned us....  :hug:  Nice you're back, dear Yettie.  And what health problem.... (don't scare me like that).

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Hey Rob, long time no hear from.  Glad to hear you are still around :)


So sorry to hear about the ill health.



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Aww...:hug: I missed you!! So happy to see you blogging and hearing about you...congratulations on your business!!  Take care of your health...Great to see you back! :)

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I'm late to the party!  Good to see you back around here, Yettie!  It's not the same place without you.

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