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Work or something like it

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The last two weeks have been hectic.


Last week I spend 2 days in Iowa City for work getting a Federal agency set-up on their new phone. I love working with customers and taking care of the issues that come up during the deployments.


This week I was at a federal agency here in Des Moines doing the same thing. I got to spend time with a federal account rep that is from Kansas and found out she wants to kidnap me since I am very efficient and very helpful.


The bomb was dropped on me yesterday though.... I was called into a meeting with my whole team. My boss was down visiting and I was asked to join her and HR. Let me tell you how nervous I was. I was like this is it... well it wasn't me. It was my new co-worker who was just hired. It was relieved it wasn't me but not sad to be losing the new guy as he has been a pain in my ass.


Today my other co-worker and I spent the day with our manager. She was checking on me to make sure I was ok and to tell us about other changes that are coming.


I haven't heard on my Connecticut interview and I also interviewed for a spot in Houston.


Look like I might been spending more time in Iowa. Longer than I planned.

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