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Should be an interesting week

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This week I go from doing the job of three people down to two, as I am training the new hire tomorrow.


My Manager is coming to town to be with her new hire but she won't be doing any of the training. I don't think she actually knows how to do my job.


What she doesn't know is that she is walking into the Lions den.


Two manages (one sales and one operations) and an associate director are not happy with her.


She is planning on taking something that belongs to them and is using me to get it. Little does she know that I informed them of her plans.


My manager does not like confrontation of any sort and I know Wednesday is going to be full force confrontation.


I don't feel obligated to tell my manager what is going to happen since she is using me to circumvent them.


I can't wait to see if anything happens and how surprised she will be when confronted. The sales manager said he will not mention that I was involved and thanked me for the heads up.


He personally took what she was coming for and that's why she will have to wait for Wednesday since he is out until then.


I will also be prepping for my second interview on January 6th and need to decide between Rhode Island and Connecticut. I am leaning towards Rhode Island though.


I also have to pack for my week of vacation as I am heading back to Maryland until December 26th and leave Thursday night.

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Whoo! This sure sounds like a time of major drama and import for you. I hope it all goes well for you. :)

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fireworks in the office .. good to stand well back and see the rockets fly .. oohh... ahhh  :)


have a good holiday & good luck for the future job

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