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If It's Sunny, Why Am I Getting Rained On.

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My mother used to joke that if it wasn't for bad luck I'd have none at all. Just want people to know I haven't faded away.


I'd had a temporary fix on the computer but before February was over so was the fix. Computer dead beyond repair. It's okay because I had been saving up.


First of March, the brakes on my car failed. There is nothing like coming to a red light,hitting your brakes, and not even slowing down. I've found out that when your brakes fail you don't coast to a stop. You just keep going. I truly believe it was a Devine intervention that kept me from hitting anything or anyone.


By the seventh I was getting to and from work by train, bus, and cab. Taking a cab to the train, I got out, slipped on broken concrete and came down on my face and knee. Was never handsome, but now look like I escaped from a horror picture.


The 10th I started vacation. Now trying to find a second hand car.


So I have stories written but can't type them. Missed the anthology but have the next one too. Just taking things slow and healing.


Hope things are good in you part of the world. Good grief.

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