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August Signature Feature: Reece's Choice By Renee Stevens



Usually Renee's the one who posts the blog, not the person being featured, but if you didn't know, she's also one of our Signature Authors! This month we're featuring her story, Reece's Choice. Inspired by one of the prompts, this morphed into a longer story for readers to enjoy.




Length: 25,461


Description: When confronted with his family’s bigotry, Reece is faced with the first of many choices. He can continue to tolerate the caustic atmosphere or he can walk away and finally focus on making himself happy. His cousin’s friend Dave unintentionally becomes the catalyst that forces Reece to make a choice. He can only hope it's the right one.


Valkyrie says... I really enjoyed this story. It was a nice, feel-good story that was a nice contrast to some of the darker stories I've been reading lately.


Aditus says... Wonderful story, Renee! It was just the right dose of love and drama. I really enjoyed this.


Skinnydragon says... Thanks Renee for a wonderful story. I'm happy it ended here.
Maybe there can be future adventures the boys will get into, but it's certainly not necessary.
The title actually says it all. Reece's choice. He made a good one!


Cannd says... I enjoyed this alot. I loved these two characters. I would have loved an epilogue to know if they made it past the first year, but I guess it is a more realistic view of a new relationship that has all the signs of being right. They have high hopes and time will tell. I guess the hope for a definite success can't be helped by some of us romantics though. It had a nice ending and it seems like Dave's parents will help make up for his shitty parents. They seem to have a good chance. Thanks.


Renee Stevens Reeces Choice Signature.jpg






Remember to check back on Wednesday to see what excerpt Renee Stevens chose to share with readers!

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  • Site Administrator

I have just read this story and absolutely loved it! I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a feel-good story :)

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I remember this from last year, it was very enjoyable, even that one chapter that set everybody off :D

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I shall have to read it again and leave a few more reviews this time. :*)  I still think Reece's family got off too lightly, but I may remember wrong on this. :unsure:

Oh right: I liked the story of course.

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Thank you everyone, so glad that you're enjoying/enjoyed it! Looks like I have some reviews to catch up on!!!!


Thank you, Cia for featuring it. This is one of my favorites that I've written and it's awesome to see new reviews on it :)

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Another one I need to read. Thanks for the recommendations... this one's not too long so maybe I can get to it soon... I love Renee's writing :)

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I remember this story! I loved it! I would highly recommend it also. :)


Congrats, Renee on being featured! :)

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