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Trying To Hang On By My Fingernails



For the past week I’ve been wavering over putting GA on the backburner for the foreseeable future. My mental state is in a total disarray since Rambo bit me and my son had to put him down. Plus, my son has his own mental issues to consider. In effect, we’re both a couple of crazies trying to make do with life.


But, I have a series of stories that may save me. One deals with a boy who was sold by his parents into sexual slavery when he was six. Dabeagle helped me a lot with New York State’s policies and procedures on foster care, but I don’t know if I want to publish due to its sensitive subject matter. That story has two subsequent stories, but neither of them have been written further than generalized plotting. Of course, there is 319 to work on. I have five and a half chapters, but they are not in any condition close to publishing mostly due to formatting issues.


We took Nana in for her 3 month checkup and she’s now 25 lbs. of bouncing German Shepherd puppy. What’s nice is that she likes to snuggle. The other night she actually climbed up and lay in my lap for about 10 minutes. Very calming for a troubled mind.

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Hold on. Hold onto that ledge. You are not alone. Things may seem overwhelming, but they are not. They are outside of you. Ergo they are coloured by your perspective of them. And perspectives change. Give it time. Give your meds time to help you. Talk to your doctor. Nana is a godsend. Pamper her a little. And keep writing but don't force yourself. Write as you please. About the story, there are far more sensitive themes published on this site. What matters is if it is treated with empathy and care. So take care... of your stories, of yourself. Hugs.

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