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  1. G90814

    Home, Sweet Home

    So... Raeden was uncut earlier in the series... but now he's cut? If he heals so well, it would only make sense that he'd remain uncircumcised 🤔
  2. G90814

    Chapter 4

    too much time spent describing shopping details 😑 Zune... lol (yes I know the story is 10+ years old) 😆
  3. G90814

    Chapter 41

    Ditto for me, I kinda skipped that whole section... not my thing at all.
  4. G90814

    Chapter 7

    I mentioned this on another story... what's with the 19 y/o high school students? Most HS seniors are 17/18.
  5. G90814

    Chapter 10

    Don't know if this was mentioned before, but most HS seniors are 17/18, not 19. Just seems a bit odd to me.
  6. G90814

    Chapter 12

    You also refer to Karen as "Linda" several times in this chapter.
  7. G90814

    Chapter 45

    This explains the lack of mages/magic, which I don't miss, its nice to just focus on one kind of 'weird' in a story I still want a bitchin Wolverine character though 🦄
  8. I meant the marks from bonding. I can understand if its a shifter/human bonding with the human taking awhile to heal as a shifter, but wouldn't a shifter/shifter bond have marks that heal? Just me throwing a wrench into the story works 😁 I'm glad to provided feedback and ideas. Maybe a bit late for this series, but perhaps you can use in the Cernunnos series. Keep up the good work!
  9. G90814

    Chapter 45

    Just caught up with this in-progress story... loving it once again! I do like how you put more types of shifters into this story... not sure about the rabbits though 😄 I can see how they fit in the plot... but I dont see them biting someone to change them! The larger mammals make a bit more sense. Bring on the Wolverines! Also another thought, I thought the wolves were larger in "In the Shadows"? Vincent was 5ft at the shoulders? I'll have to go back and see. Cyn needs bigger antlers by the end of the story, as a reflection of his bravery and change of thought process from just being prey to realizing his place in the shifter world. Oh by the way, deer shed their antlers on an annual basis, they don't just break off and regrow randomly 🦌 Thanks again for a great read, looking forward to the conclusion, and maybe part 2+? I like to dive into a completed story, so I may not be back until this one is finished (I read fast and like to finish a story!)
  10. Just finished these first 2 installments of "In The Shadows" I really like your writing style, it's very easy to read and makes you feel like you are there. Just a few things/ideas: I think it would work better if the shifter species were reflected better with character ethnicity. It would have made more sense to have Cyrus be a Lion (from Africa), and Caleb be a Puma (being from North America). Pandas are from China, so their character would more likely be of Asian ethnicity. Wolves cover a lot of territory on several continents, so they would be the most common (you got that one ) You haven't gone into the history of the shifters, I think you went mainly with the Underworld movies explaination (a virus, then being bitten by a particular animal), with a bit of Twilight (destined mates, without the creepy babies!). Please please no creepy babies! Also about the healing factor. Why do the 'marks' not heal? From "In the Shadows", Mace tells Vinnie that all scars heal and things grow back (foreskin), but the mark stays? The same for hair... dyed human hair and shaved/trimmed... wouldn't it grow back to natural in every shift? Just imho, the magic needs to be a bit more flashy/dramatic/powerful, it seems kinda meh except for the dances! Also... having characters working hum-drum jobs while otherwise leading world shaking lives is a bit... confusing 🤔 Just some thoughts for future stories 😁 Thanks again for an enjoyable read.
  11. G90814

    Chapter 30

    2 Fast 2 Furryous! and the movie of course.
  12. Cute.... but male peacocks spread their tail feathers as a mating display, not a fear display 😁
  13. G90814

    Chapter 5

    Still no real explaination of what happened with Owen and Aiden 😪
  14. I really enjoyed reading this story as well as "The Acquittal". You did an amazing job of putting the 2 stories together, and giving us details of events from the first story that weren't explained fully. I still need to read the next series of shorts, but I do hope you keep on with writing about all these amazing characters.
  15. Enjoying this story. Just wanted to say about this chapter: No way someone would go home so soon after surgery like that, at least several days at the hospi8tal, and 2 weeks out of school, minimum! Speaking from the experience of 3 abdominal surgeries, none as serious as this one.
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