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For Timmy, Emi and Mr. Benus:


Incomplete Love


All relationships are a work in progress,
A building to be finished, an infinite mirror
Beneath a starry sky. A battle between belief and reality,
A compromise between expectation and evolution
Between engagement and understanding.
Experience vs. Emotion
Broken crumbling pieces of self mixing
Into happiness and grief and regrets
Creating the mortar of us. Bricks and days
And labours of indecisive Apollos' creating
The walls of Troy only to be breached
By a stupid wooden horse
Of momentary weakness,
Merrymaking in the filth as snakes slither in
Our garden.
Yet even then looking up you see
The angelic choirs praising
The one perfect moment of absolute happiness,
One moment in eternity where you and I became Us.


The slowly dying flowers in the vase are laughing at the trees outside.



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  • Site Administrator

I'm sorry to see such a sad theme in recent works by several site members.  This was brilliantly written, though.  You are a true poet.  :)

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I love the Troy references; puts me in mind of Cavafy, and that's a great thing. Beautiful poem, especially the ending image of the cut flowers 

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This is a stunning poem, and the metaphors you employ are vivid and beautifully written. The sadness is palpable, and the last line is perfectly marvelous, even in its bitterness. So very wonderful.

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A Compliment!!!!??? Or A Comment!!!??? I don't know how to receive this. So I'll just put it at right there.


Ikthifaaq hi sahii,

pyaar ka zakm ki dard

pyar tho nahii nibha payega.


Nafrat, nafrat ko nahii mita payega.


Thank you for sharing this beautiful, bitterly sounded, poem. :P Such a wonderful poem. :)

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