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Quokka's Stories Update



Well I have just completed publishing my tenth story on GA, and began posting chapters of two more stories.

Those being Outback Corporation and Wellstead, with Outback Corporation being in two parts, the first has 9 chapters the second part has 5 chapters.

While the story - Wellstead has a total of 21 chapters.

I have also began writing a second book for the story - New Beginnings, titled - NB New Direction, the number of chapters is yet to be finalised,

which I will begin posting once Outback Corporation is complete.

A number of other stories are partly completed, and will be published once they are completed and edited.

Thankyou to all of my hard working editors and Beta Readers, plus all of my followers, for all of your continual Support.

I have three editors, all from very different time zones, which makes it fun trying to keep in touch with them. They are from UK, South Africa & USA,

and because I have a varied style of writing with different themes. A super big thanks to you.

Regards Q




I am so adorable in the photo, am I not?

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Thanks mate, you are a rippa sheila, I gotta go and count some sheep now, catch ya in the morrow



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i knew what "sheila" was, but "rippa" was new. it came back with several things, but seemed to mean good thing

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