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 Friday is here! Busy week for me yet again, with the CSR on Monday and the post about crafting characters on Wednesday. But maybe you can use some of that info to help you when writing for one of these great prompts supplied by our guru, Comicfan! 


Prompt 690 – Creative

Tag – The horoscope

Imagine reading a horoscope and having it come true, but only in accidental ways. What happens?


Prompt 691 – Creative

Tag – Fairy Tale Gone Wrong

You’ve been trying to make your father happy, but your first three quests have gone wrong. The frog you kissed turned into a three hundred pound woman who ran immediately back to her husband. The cat you saved and gave boots to, well she turned out to literally have been a witch’s lover. You won’t even tell your father about fighting to a ruined castle to save some sort of sleeping beauty only to arrive moments after some other guy got there. Now he is sending you on a quest he found. What happens?


Did you write a prompt response last week? Don't forget to share it below.

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Both of them are good prompts this week. Hopefully, I'll get one done that is shareable on GA.

*coughs*Not another P.W.P. story*coughs*

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I started a response to one of these, but Baby J would wake up every time I thought about writing!  It's like he knew what I was thinking!!!

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