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Chaz and I drove back to his home town today. He wanted me to meet his friends. Yes this includes his ex girlfriend. I only agreed with the condition that I could see his grandparents. I love his grandparents and I really wanted to see them, plus we have a card rematch to take care off.


Chaz said that he would take me if they were around as they go on trips every other month and this one was the other month. I agreed and we were off. His grandparents weren't home they're in Chicago right now. I was sad but he took me to see his parents that seem to just want to talk to me about the removal of my tumor next week.


Then we met with his friends at a restaurant. His friends hate me. It's fine I don't expect anyone to like me. They are his friends not mine you know? So I kind of kept to myself as they talked. But they tried to bait me. I guess Chaz had told them about the music collection and they found it extremely funny to call me a music guru. Whatever I wasn't about to be baited into their trap. Even chaz was getting uncomfortable. I guess Green isn't good enough for their Chaz.


So I kindly excuse myself and I leave them. Next to the restaurant there is a luckily enough a Barnes & Noble. I quickly head in there because it was an easy place to hide. I called Chaz and i told him that when he was done with his friends to call me. I found a book I wanted and I found a corner.


About five minutes later I am interrupted by someones shadow. It's Chaz's friend Dumb ass I mean Craig, He sits next to me and proceeds to ask me what makes me think that I am good enough for Chaz. I was getting angry at this point. Chaz's friend actually asked me this? So i asked him how long he's been waiting to tell Chaz that he himself likes him?


He looked freaked. I told him that whatever he has against me to drop it because Chaz and I are together and until we decide to end our relationship he doesn't have a chance. He couldn't stop looking at me. I told him that I wasn't here because I wanted to make new friends. I was there because Chaz asked me to go. I could care less what any of them thought about me because I don't have to talk to them. He walked away after that.


I sat alone for about another ten minutes when Chaz came in looking furious and gave me a huge hug. We left after that but his friend decided that he needed a ride. Please any one of his friends could have given him a ride they were conspiring against me and I wasn't going down without a fight so I asked him how long since he came out?


He looked freaked again. "I'm not gay," he said. You see the goal was to make him feel as uncomfortable as they had made me feel. "So then I asked him why he keeps gawking at Chaz?" He looked so awkward that I started to feel bad. So I stopped and we drove in silence until we reached his house. He got out barely saying goodbye. Chaz gave me a look that could kill and we drove in silence once again until he kissed my cheek and made it all better again.




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Green and Chaz..


what is it with these people..do they not have lives of their own....that they have to be mean and pass judgment on what they demand and expect of others....go get lives....leave you alone..


I mean Selene judges Chaz (neither of you judge her) and I don't say that to be mean toward Selene but to make a point...


and Chaz's so called "friends"....who needs enemies with that crew? geez...judge Green and they don't even know him..


Now, get this loud and clear..there are only two people in your relationship...just in case you don't know whom they are...hold hands together...go the bathroom, look in the bathroom mirror and then kiss each other and also so you both feel better, well I would recommend hugs...got it?


I am proud of Green for his self restraint.....You should be very proud of yourself.


You handled yourself beautifully and I bet that the "I am not Gay" Guy is Gay and in love with Chaz...


Just remember to stand by each other..communicate and tell everyone else to get someone else in their lives to kiss and get hugs from somebody else and leave you two alone..


I would bar Selene from the house until she is house broken.....and people broken....and Chaz and Green broken....


I would bar those so called friends of Chaz...geez...they are mean!!


I say, just keep kissing and huggling and being together...the rest of the world can go sit on nail and futz off!


We love ya both....and wish you all the happiness...I am also so sorry that you didn't get a rematch with Grandma and Grandpa....they I love to bits....and everyone should follow their example...they are about the only two people in the world who leave you be..


BTW, I hope Chaz's twin, Mike, is doing ok.....I have such empathy for him and he is blessed to have you both in his life.....and I even have hope for The Liar and to one day that he gets to graduate to "The Truth Giver and Lover" and he heals and grows...


Hoping David and Steven are doing ok too.....they are a sweet cool couple..tell them we are rooting for them:) big time!!


tell Selene we love her but your home is a Selene free zone until she is learns to behave...and no stepping over the Rainbow Line.....got it? (like no stepping over the yellow line reference in Speed..remind her what happened when they did...kaboom!!! so no more volatile Selene explosions....and maybe she might get an occasional visitation..and Chaz, those friends....ditch them in the ditch....you have nicer enemies then that crowd!!)



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Guest Rob Hawes


Hi Green,


I really admire the way you handled things. You don't like them, they don't like you, but rather than rising to their bait you took yourself out of the situation. It's a pity they can't give you a chance, but some people are just like that.


One thing you have to realise - and I think you do see it - is that you won't always like Chaz's friends, just like he won't always like yours. I don't like all of my boyfriend's friends and I know Robin can't stand a few of mine, but we don't ever let it get in the way. When I want to talk to my friends he goes and talks to his. I would like him to get along with my friends, but it's never going to happen so why fight it? I love him and he loves me - when it comes down to it that's all that matters.


Chaz is entitled to his friends - from what you've said above they don't sound like they deserve to be his friends, but yours is just one side of the story and I'm sure they have redeeming features that he sees - but you don't have to put up with them. If they're going to treat you like that then I suggest you find somewhere else to be whenever he wants to see them.


Sure, it would be nice if you could get along with them, but for whatever reason it doesn't seem like that's going to happen. Now, either you or Chaz can try talking to them about why they don't seem to like you and see if this can be resolved or you can stay away from them. As I don't know them or you I couldn't suggest which approach is best, but I'm sure the two of you will sort it out.


People aren't always going to like you. It's sad when someone who is close to your partner can't get along with you, but that's life. The important thing is that the two of you find a way to allow Chaz to maintain his friendships without his friends coming between you.


Once again, well done for the way you handled this. I'm sure Chaz isn't pleased that things didn't go well, but I hope he can see that you did the right thing by getting yourself away from them before an argument started. Now, if you could share your secret I would be grateful - I can never walk away when someone is goading me. :(


Rob :D

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I would bar Selene from the house until she is house broken.....



Michael - sometimes you ramble perfectly.



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Well just to play devil's advocate a bit. They may simply be protective of Chaz, which while it can be overbearing and go too far, is at least a little noble. For example I could imagine my closest straight guy friends (if I came out to them and they came to terms with it) being really protective of me (they always have been about everything else lol). It's kinda like the big brother/father thing you see, "Just what are your intentions young man?" :lol: It just kinda shows they care.


Anyway I'm not saying it's right or fair, and personally I tend to make an extra effort to get along with my friend's S.O.'s, and then if I don't approve (which I usually do anyway) talk to my friend about it in private. Failing that I just stay out of it and wait to pick up the pieces or be proven wrong.


So I guess what I'm saying is it sucks that they're not treating you right, or being open-minded, and it's completely unfair but in their minds you probably have to "prove yourself"; you don't though. As Rob and Michael said it's ultimately between you and Chaz. So I hope they cool it enough to see what a great guy you are, Green, and I hope you stay calm enough to show them ;) ....but even if that doesn't happen it shouldn't affect you and Chaz.


Anyway take care and have a great day,


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