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He thinks he's sweet...



I woke up this morning to find my boyfriend sitting next to me Indian style watching me. After I jumped across the room from fear I sat down next to him. I exhaled and I asked him why he did what he did? First he pulls out a check made out to what I had spent. I tore it up and handed it back to him. He frowned and then he pulled out a couple Styrofoam cartons filled with breakfast food. He also pulled out a rose. I had to give it to him because he was trying to get to me but I am not forgetting.


We ate in silence and then I got up and took a shower. He tried to get in with me but I said no. He's not out of the dog house by a long shot. I got dressed and I left the room. I could feel his sadness so I came back and I gave him a kiss. I told him to meet me for lunch.


At lunch I was still kind of cold with him until he licked mayo from the side of my lip and kissed me. I couldn't stay mad at him after that. I kissed him back and I told him that I love him but the next time he pulls this crap it's over no questions asked. I wont deal with it.


So I am finally home. He's been good ever since I came home. He's so happy right now and I feel like an idiot for letting him off that easy but he's my Chaz and I love him :wub: Plus I am tired of being angry.




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That is so... Sweet sounds yucky, but it is. Sweet! :)


Glad you're together again.


Camy B)

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Green and Chaz,


Part of Love is forgiveness and of course the making up and making out:)


Of course, remember what Sumbloke and Sharon posted..I feel that they said it best:)


Hugs and Much Happiness sent your way:)



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Alright you guys can hate me. I know I hate myself for doing what I did. Trust me I thought I was going to have to beg Green everyday this week for forgiveness. I read the blog last night and I almost ran over to him but I know he wasn't going to talk to me. I mean I had to call his brother and ask him to let me in this morning so I could bring him breakfast. To my surprise he actually didn't kick me out. Then he kissed me. :wub:


What happened Friday was that I got drunk and I lost track of time. By the time I got to call him It was already too late. I know he put a lot of time into this and I felt terrible that morning but I couldn't deal with it so I got defensive when he confronted me about it. I apologized for this also.


I am really happy that he is not mad at me anymore. I know he put a lot into this because of the NY thing I am going to take your advice and one day soon I am going to randomly surprise him.



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He's so happy right now and I feel like an idiot for letting him off that easy but he's my Chaz and I love him wub.gif Plus I am tired of being angry.


Don't feel like an idiot, that's how it happens sometimes, you stop being mad, because you just can't be mad anymore...besides anger's bad for you, so it's better for it to be gone ;) And plus, be happy that Chaz now owes you and awesome surprise :D

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Chaz and Green,


We don't hate you...you Know I love ya both....I think that Sharon and Sumbloke said it best..you love each other a lot and its the random acts of kindness and love as Ben said...surprises when you least expect them..flowers...just becuase its Tuesday and you think it will brighten your Man's day..


cooking him an awesome dinner and locking the doors..kicking everyone out, candles lit, flowers, favorite music..good foods and desserts (winks) and thinks like surprising each other with stopping by after class with coffee and kisses....


the simplest acts of kindness speak volumes.....kisses, hugs, a massage...sweet emails or notes at unexpected times....and conduct....showing your Man you love him in the little things....to me that's what matters..and talking when you are upset..even if its to say I am upset with you, but I do love you...and then work it out...don't let the sun go down without working it out.....


going to bad mad is not a good thing....make love not war:)


and being able to say you are sorry, mean it....we are all human..we do stupid dumb things and its ok....forgiveness and love......they do fit hand in glove....we all know you are meant for each other...


Just know in the scheme of things you love each other and just know there will be more fights..more making up and more love to grow and grow...in endless supply....and respect each other as you do...the rest works its way out.


and silly Chaz...we could never hate you nor Green....things happen...and we aren't super heros..we are just humans...now go love your man........be kind to one another and remember love, forgiveness, communication, random acts of kindness and winks...acts of romance when you least expect them:) well, you know the rest..so go smooch and more smooches and romance.....love is the answer...remember....and lots of hugs....and kisses and i love yous..and well, what Sharon, Sumbloke and Ben said:) hee hee:)




P.S. and when you do all that romance time.....don't tell anyone..and lock the doors...put the cars in the garage...keep the lights off and don't put out the GPS system so Selene hasn't a clue and leaves you be to be romantic! Grrr....

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Thanks guys. Umm were not telling SELENE just yet. She went away for the week with her daughter so we're bracing ourselves for the worst. I already asked her to behave but she never really listens to me so were defintely scared at what she will do to Chaz. Well anywhoo, Chaz is sleeping right now next to me. Which is distracting because he looks so cute when he sleeps.



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