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Streamlining Help Menu

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As mentioned in previous announcements, we are undergoing clean up and consolidation. 

As part of this, some of the temporary links that were on the forums have been removed and placed in the newly streamlined "Help" menu.



  • Help -FAQ = a list of common questions with links to the answers.
  • Help Topics = a database of common questions and answers
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Authors = How to become an Author on the site.
  • Support = Open a support ticket if you need help related to your account or other private site related issue
  • Staff = list of staff on the site with contact information
  • Guidelines = site rules
  • Writing Resources = a page full of links to handy writing tools, guides, and articles
  • About Gay Authors = a bit of history of the site.


A reminder that we encourage you to have your account set to receive news email from the site:



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Even thought i've been around the place for a few years, i still pop onto the Help menu sometimes. Looks clean and organized! Thanks for the update, Myr.

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