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Book Club Suggestions – Historical Novels Category



Hi all

I have been full of work, so of course to escape that i decided to make a new suggestion. I will finally suggest a single book, and although to be honest the author did wrote a "kind of a series" around the same subject, Alexander The Great rise and rule, it can be a stand alone read. The Persian Boy by Mary Renault, tell as the story of a young boy that captured, made an eunuch and sold as a slave to the King of Persia. After Alexander conquering of the Persian Empire, he becomes Alexander servant and lover. I know many in the gay community might already know this book, but I decided to make it my suggestion because this was a book that always stayed in my mind. My parents have a considerable book selection and I read this book when I was a teenager in high school. I am not sure of the details anymore, I think at that time I already new I was gay, but before I found online fiction or GA, it was actually the first book I read that can be considered a gay story, and it was important for me at the time.

Hope you guys enjoy it.




PS: these entries don't have to be my suggestions only, you can leave another book suggestion of the featured category in the comments. :*)


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Great choice, Sweet. All her stories of Ancient Greece are worth exploring. Her learning is worn lightly, and they're very engagingly written. My favourite is The Last of the Wine.But my absolute favourite is The Charioteer, which is set in 1940s wartime London.


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I love Mary Renault, and I loved this book. I read the other two in the series about Alexander, but this one was the best, IMO. It was a long time ago now, but it stuck with me a long time. I think it's time to revisit it/them. And yes, as northie said, The Charioteer was superb. Thanks, Leo! :hug:  

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