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Sex Education

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Thorn Wilde





So, I finished watching season one of Sex Education on Netflix. I loved it so much. It’s about a teenaged boy whose mother is a sex therapist. While he himself is utterly inexperienced, by some fluke it turns out that he shares his mother’s talent for therapy and sex advice, and he ends up running a ‘sex clinic’ where he helps students at school in return for a modest fee. Hilarity ensues, along with a lot of interesting drama. The show deals with bullying, sex (duh), prejudice, first loves, and a host of other topics.




There are seveal things about it that are truly wonderful, but I’m gonna list a couple.


It has some absolutely amazing characters. From Asa Butterfield’s portrayal of the main character Otis, to Gillian Anderson as his sex therapist mum, to the character of Eric, Otis’s closest friend (who is wonderfully and unapologetically gay, and not the only LGBTQ character in the series), there are just so many great people. And while the show is funny, not one of these people lack depth, even if they’re initially portrayed that way. They’re all flawed. They all have their shit to deal with. It’s not all comedy. There were several points at which I was close to tears.




Style-wise, it’s just really interesting. The creators of the show have intentionally included a number of anachronisms that at first seem jarring but actually kind of draw you in, in the same way as the absurdity of some of the humour. The show is set in the present day, but clothes, interior decoration, and a lot of other things are very 70s in style. There are no modern cars, they all look like they’re early nineties or older. The main characters listen to vinyl records. There is practically no contemporary pop music. It’s just really nicely packaged and feels quite unique. 


Boyfriend said it’s like someone was inside my head. Kind of feels that way, given how much I loved it. If they had it would have been much gayer, though. I missed trans characters, though there was one who appeared very androgynous and may possibly have been genderqueer.


There’s another season in the works and I can’t wait. I really highly recommend it. I mean, it’s probably not for everyone, but give it a chance at least. 

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      It's time to take a look at another story. This week, Timothy M has provided us with a review of Confounded by Andr0gene. This is actually one of my favorite stories by Andr0gene and I've re-read it a few times. I hope that you enjoy it as much as Timothy and I did.




      Promising Author


      Reviewer: Timothy M.

      Status: Complete
      Word Count: 24,632

      What happens when a self-confident, possessive but caring man with a huge capacity for love and sex falls head over heels in love with a sarcastic, prickly and skeptical guy who isn’t used to showing his feelings and has no intention of getting involved with his boss? Yup, you’ve guessed it: Sparks fly!
      Nobody does this scenario better than Andr0gene, and my favorite story is Confounded I (together with the even better, but as yet Incomplete sequel Confounded II). Meet Mitchell and Taylan who might be said to embody the concept ‘Opposites attract.’ They spend the early part of the story teasing and arguing, while being hopelessly drawn to each other. Fireworks are probably more accurate than sparks, and whirlwind romance and seduction could be other good descriptions for Confounded.
      The story switches from one POV to the other, and while this may be confusing in some stories, it works well here. We start off with Mitchell explaining his interest in Taylan and go on to chuckle about Taylan‘s mistaken belief that his boss is straight and married. Of course, he’s somewhat excused, because Mitchell does have a son, Kit, who plays a huge role in his life as well as in the story. In addition, Kit is the main character in the sequel, even though we also learn more about the volatile, but fun relationship of the two adults.
      It’s kind of hard to pin down why I appreciate the way Confounded is written. But the dialogue and the internal comments from both men make me laugh, and I have several favorite scenes and phrases I like to revisit. The McDonalds breakfast, the game store visit, the ‘sexual preferences’ talk, and of course the initial scene where Taylan tries to brush Mitchell off. The latter features these typical reactions of Taylan towards his boss:
      He glanced sideways with those slate-grey eyes of his. At the moment, there was a curious look in them, but for some reason, I got the weird thought that they could become stormy if he was angered enough.
      That was the damn problem with him; he was an asshole, yes, but a damn attractive one. Well, that's in the eye of the beholder, isn't it? This beholder thought he was; I couldn't deny that he was attractive.
      "We had a server crash today because someone was downloading heavily. De mail server bottomed out."
      Almost immediately, his eyes went, tada; stormy. Uh-oh, not good.
      "Who?" Came the curtly asked question through clenched teeth.
      "That's what I'm trying to find out," I replied shortly, "so...if you don't mind? Sir?"
      The situation deteriorates from there, and while Mitchell may be domineering and determined, he has more than met his match in Taylan. There is tearful drama, but it’s fun and heartwarming, and I couldn’t help cheering Mitchell on in his pursuit of Taylan. I also felt proud of Taylan for knowing when to fight and when to fold and accept the inevitable. You might be surprised at what it took.
      Please give Confounded a try, and if we’re enough readers yelling for ‘More!’ I’m sure Andr0gene will finish the sequel. Part 2 is already more than twice the length of Part 1 and has even more fun, drama, tears, and romance. Don’t hesitate to read both, because the main issues of the sequel have been resolved, and we’re simply waiting for the mop-up. Or even better: for Andr0gene to be inspired to unfold new scenarios featuring the awesome, huggable guys of Confounded.
      There is a story topic, but it's been inactive since 2011 http://www.gayauthor...ded#entry292373, but the sequel has a story discussion topic which has been more recently active: http://www.gayauthor...ounded-part-ii/.
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      Jared Leto from the television show 'My So Called Life' and the band 'Thirty Seconds To Mars' plays a transsexual person in the movie 'Dallas Buyers Club'. I have always found Jared Leto to be almost pretty and I look forward to seeing him in the part of Rayon. This movie is about the early days of non-existent medications that could be used for treating HIV and the attempt to acquire non approved drugs . I've watched the trailer. It showcases Matthew McConaughey as real life Ron Woodroof. Has anyone else seen the trailer yet?
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