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The Strong One

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Wayne Gray


I've always been the helper - the strong one.


I'm the one people go to, to be heard.  I'm the one people know can handle more.  I carry my load, and then yours, and theirs, and the world's too.


But today, I didn't want to get out of bed.  I feel like there's a band of iron around my chest like the world is crushing me.  There's no reason, and if there's no reason then there's no fix.


There's nobody in my life who I can lean on, simply because I've never asked that of anyone.  Fuck, I'm the one they all lean on.  Nobody expects to have to do that for me.


Why would they?


I'm the strong one.

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Thorn Wilde

Posted (edited)

If you want, you can lean on me. :kiss: 

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Wayne, it can be very taxing to be the care-giver, the one people always turn to :hug:

Also, it's ok to say "I need help, today I need YOU" you have to be able to give yourself permission to do that.

And, yes, i did say that to @MacGreg Sir, about caring for yourself so you can do for others.

Talk to your husband, honestly, about how you feel. i'd be willing to bet he's there for you to lean on.

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Holy crap.  I've gotten more phone calls in the last ten minutes.  Apparently, friends notice when "the eternally cheerful one" is down.

My boss gave me the rest of the day and tomorrow off.  I know I'm lucky.  I'll be able to appreciate it later when I'm less mired in this bullshit.

Thanks again, folks.  I know I'll be fine, eventually.

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