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  1. I think it was established pretty early on that Nash had a habit of constantly putting the needs of others (specifically at work) over his own. It definitely had an impact on his marriage. Not condoning the cheating but I didn’t see Lee as the “bad guy” till his antics with the divorce. Anyway, I’ve considered Nash focusing on what he personally needs as part of his growth.
  2. Is Penn a little slow? Why else would Nash be that mad about the baby? “It’s not mine, I didn’t tell you about it cause it literally has nothing to do with me.” Boom! Problem solved. Their conversation on the side of the road was completely pointless.
  3. Congrats Wayne! I don’t think I’ve taken the opportunity to read all your stuff just yet, but I remember enjoying Ash and Ember a great deal.
  4. Oh my god, that interaction between Artie and Scotty! I was laughing so hard. What else was Scotty supposed to think? He’s never seen the kid talk! Scotty is seriously the sweetest, I desperately want someone to benefit from Scotty’s giant heart, and Artie would be perfect. I do feel like those two will really click eventually. Just let Scotty tell one of his jokes. Instant soulmates.
  5. I didn’t get to finish this chapter till this morning, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to say. It was way too short, and that ending Anyway, I think all the stuff between Hank & Chase early on was pretty well covered by a lot of comments from last chapter. I’ll agree, Hank wants to get back what he lost with Chase. He doesn’t want Chase to be “the one that got away” so he’s honestly about where Chase was like 10 chapters ago. Too little too late? That club scene was the suckiest suck that ever sucked. What’s with club creepers preying on sweet guys like Chase? They even ruin the casual scene for everyone!
  6. spikey582

    Chapter 17 Lilah

    I’ve been reading the last few chapters so much later after you’ve posted them that I’m seeing a lot of my thoughts already being expressed by others. This story is so good, and yet often so depressing. I found myself smiling so much last chapter, and yet I had a bit of a sick feeling in my stomach for a lot of this chapter. Hank did throw his mom away, and did throw Chase away. It has actually been to Chase’s benefit, as his friends have been so impressed with his growth, and Hank obviously is too. Just seeing him take charge and talk sense into Hank is something he never would have done before their breakup. It’s quite a mark of his development. And I’ll again reiterate, he’s still at this point too good for Hank. Sure the guy has taken steps to get help, but these ridiculous realities he creates in his mind and his absolute conviction to these realities, despite his cripplingly flawed thinking, is extremely unhealthy. He wasn’t convinced Dawson wasn’t Chase’s boyfriend until the dude moved to the other side of the country. He wasn’t convinced Chase didn't lie about “that” night until Julio told him. He still isn’t entirely convinced that his father didn’t develop liver cirrhosis in two years, which I think would be pretty much impossible. Until Hank can somehow stop being so sure of his fictional convictions, he’s not great boyfriend material for anyone.
  7. Gary, I didn't know what to say at the end of this chapter. The thing is, I'm not sure I exactly liked this turn of events. I'm ever hopeful that Dawson will finally get that good timing that I've been wanting him to have since I met him, I hate the idea that he and Chase will now be separated. So soon after they connected to begin with. Yes of course the way the world works people fade in and out of our lives, It's happened to me a ton, but still I would have liked to see them enjoy a few years of close friendship at least. But Dawson needs to do this, and I get it. I guess this is yet another ending for Chase. That all being said, I can't quite figure out what's next for Chase. I see a lot of acceptance for his ending with Hank in this chapter. I know a lot of people are envisioning them reconciling, and perhaps that is where they will be headed eventually. Will Chase suddenly rethink his decision yet again now that Dawson has runoff chasing his lost love? It would seem to me to be really hard to get back to that after he has come to grips with the end of Chase & Hank. I personally would have a really hard time trusting such a relationship again, considering how easy it was cast aside to begin with. But since I have not a clue where you're going with this from here, perhaps all this speculation is pointless.
  8. Almost missed telling @Drew Espinosa Happy Pi Say

  9. Alright! Now Chase is ready to get back out there and meet Mr. Right or even Mr. RightNow! That’s how that’s gonna go down, yes? I mean otherwise I still just don’t see how Hank is worth it. The guy jumped into bed with someone awfully quick after ending things with Chase. This was someone he’d just proposed to. He’s supposed to be the strong & stable one? Bullshit. I think Dawson’s wrong, some things are worth fighting for, but there’s generally a point where there’s no going back. Passion and parental good intentions notwithstanding. I want to be convinced, I really do, but I’m too cynical I guess.
  10. Dude, I can totally see it too!
  11. @Comicality far be it for me to question your wisdom regarding your own stories, but it seems crazy that you can wrap up Derrick & Tanner's story so fast. There's quite a few plot threads that could use some wrapping up. Off-hand I can think of the bullies that assaulted Derrick being dealt with in some way, Chris & Mitch, Derrick's mom potentially getting a better job, Tanner coming out. Well, I mean Tanner is out at school now, right along with Derrick. I imagine it won't take long for his mom to find out if he doesn't tell her directly. However, considering how sneaky that boy is, he may very-well have already come out, and it wasn't quite the disaster Derrick imagined, and Tanner hasn't said anything cause Derrick is a huge drama queen. But the rest of that stuff? Well perhaps three long chapters could well take care of it. Or perhaps it just won't matter all that much in the end. Anyway Comsie, I have always loved this particular story, the first one that really drew me into your writing, and I always appreciate the work you do on it. And I would love to see how you're going to wrap it all up.
  12. it is bud. In fact, I think we’ve talked about that before at some point. Probably one of the most naturally written gay relationships written in a Marvel comic. Way better than some of the gay characters they’ve created since. Dan you’re terrible!
  13. Dang that felt short. I looked forward to that all day, and read through it all in 20 minutes! Loved this chapter Gary, glad to see Chase take the lead and turn that into a great family moment. Curious though, was Dawson there after all or did he turn down the invite? He wasn’t mentioned after Chase sent the text. Also would love to hear Cindy’s thoughts on that situation as she clearly had something to say. I’m not sure if I’d be happy seeing Chase and Dawson make something more together or just stay really good friends. I mean there’s certainly something there they could build on. Sure that kiss from before didn’t feel right at the time. But Chase had literally come straight from a fight with Hank. That doesn’t close the door on that possibility forever. Besides, I don’t see Chase being able to just step back into what was. None of his supposed friends were there for him, I certainly couldn’t go back to pretending any of those relationships mattered after all this. I need more Gary.
  14. I really hope that this goes well. Artie and Scotty are both really sweet boys, and I think they’d click really well with enough interests and yet differences to keep each other interested. But considering how shy Artie can be, and how fixated Scotty is on Tristan, I’m very concerned.
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