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  1. spikey582


    That was kind of my point. A lot of folks got mad at Matt, and in my mind Seamus was pushing a little too hard here. I feel for Seamus's side, I understand him completely and I also get why he's worried. I don't necessarily agree with Matt moving out, but at the same time, reading a lot of Matt's concerns here that I didn't previously know about have helped me see where he was coming from better. If this thing crashes and burns, Matt will be totally screwed as things stand now, and he has Aiden to worry about.
  2. Would it be helpful for Tristan to just tell Scotty what's up. That he's gay, and Jesse is his boyfriend? For one thing, it might make Scotty feel more comfortable about his own feelings. Also, it would hopefully help him move past the crush and go after Artie, who he's obviously interested in.
  3. spikey582


    Personally this time I blame Seamus more than Matt for how that situation derailed. I totally understand Matt’s stance on saying the L word, and I’ve been there myself in the past. It seemed to me that Seamus missed both Matt and Aiden and was trying to force a reaffirmation of their relationship in a situation where they really didn’t need to have that kind of talk. I also agree that there is a legitimate concern here for both of them. Would they still be together if there was no Aiden? I feel like they would be, they fit well together despite the kid, but it’s part of a conversa
  4. spikey582

    Chapter 6

    I really enjoyed getting to know Benji better. Despite him almost standing Ryan up, he showed up and it went really well. Now to tell his family, and get Benji away from Peter and his weird group.
  5. I really think Aiden is going to be making Matt regret taking him away from his ‘Moos’.
  6. Why do I get the idea Matt’s father still doesn’t know about their relationship? I have a strong feeling if he did he’d be guiding Matt in a very different direction.
  7. spikey582

    Chapter 5

    Yeah that Peter guy was something else. I mean I guess that approach might work with some people but holy crap what a douche. I really don't know what to think of Ben at this point. Maybe he would appreciate what Ryan could offer him, more than the vapid bullshit group that he's found himself associating with since he left high school? Granted we're only getting Ryan's perspective on the whole matter but Ben doesn't seem happy with the situation he's currently in. But I still haven't gotten the general impression that he likes Ryan. If only we'd seen the night that led to this whol
  8. On the one hand, Matt needs to feel equal in their relationship. They, as far as I can tell, never determined how long their living arrangement would last. But on the other hand, they’re getting into a serious relationship. True they were living together before they became a couple, but Matt moving out seems like stepping backwards. Going home for the summer I get, the rest I'm not understanding. He wants his serious relationship to last by trying to step away from potential commitment?
  9. spikey582

    Chapter 3

    I, at this point, feel we haven't seen anyone that counts as Ryan's love interest in this story yet. Ben, as another commenter has stated, does feel like a shallow pretty boy, one who's probably only into hooking up at the moment. No real shame in that, if that's where he's at romantically then that's that. I feel like everyone is jumping ten steps ahead of where Ryan is in his own love life. He's bi at the very least. And he might not figure out entirely what his "label" is for a while, if he absolutely has to have a label to begin with. That being said, people are putting his personal
  10. Oh my god I was going to scream if Seamus didn't go after Matt. I don't entirely blame Matt, he didn't have the objectivity that his friends did. When Seamus was like, I've been flirting for months, all of us could clearly see that, but Matt didn't get it. He's living with the guy and didn't get it. I kept saying, Seamus you're gonna have to be more direct, and say what you want instead of planning a date and not saying it's a date. Thankfully Seamus did show up at the club. Hopefully this will teach Matt a bit of a lesson for the future, especially for understanding Seamus.
  11. Famous last words indeed Matt. That guy needs to realize that Seamus didn't move those two into his home in 48 hours just because he loves Aiden. I mean he obviously wants Matt there too. Sure, they're best friends, but that's the perfect foundation for a relationship. Matt's a little oblivious, I think Seamus is going to need to be a little more forward to get that ball rolling.
  12. Just had to check in and say, I'm really enjoying this story. I've finally caught up today, and reading through the comments, everyone seems pretty on point with how things are going.
  13. So it’s about 18 degrees Fahrenheit in Dallas Texas area right now.  Tell me my dear Canadian friends, would you consider that cold? 

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Headstall


      It's -10 C... 14 F here at the moment, and warms up to -8 C by morning, which feels pretty warm compared to the last few days. :) 

    3. spikey582


      It’s now 12 F, -4 wind chill 🥶 

    4. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Looking at a nice layer of snow here. :blink: It's hard to believe it will get warmer at the weekend.

  14. I never have the right words for the ending. Glad to see they’ve realized their dream. That community will be all the better with that farm. I’d love to see what they do with it a few years down the line. They’ve got a whole lot of land and even though they’ve got a home built and a barn and even more animals, they’re only getting started. Also, Boone getting ready for some naked gun fighting had me smiling. You know you’re loved when someone’s first instinct before anything else is to protect you. Great story Gary, and I thank you for sharing it as usual buddy.
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