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  1. I loved Corker, what a great character. I obviously loved all the interaction between Coy and Boone. Even Boone only had a broad idea of what he wanted to do when all this started. Seeing how good Coy was with a lot of this stuff, which should be no surprise since he grew up on a farm, I think that Boone would have had a much harder time of this if he'd been on his own. I have this inkling he would have been just as unhappy trying to undertake this on his own as he'd been panning for gold. I love seeing them building their future together. I was right about Phineas, he was so
  2. Dang it missed it by one day... 

    6 years ago yesterday I became an active member of this community.  What a ride. 

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      Happy GA anniversary :hug:

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      Better late then never ... Congrats. Mine is next month, I'm likely to miss the day too.

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      Thanks all, sure do appreciate the interactions we all get to have here.

  3. Gary, the way you write sex scenes are always a bit of an art. They’re spicy without being salacious. For instance here, there’s a bit of arousal, but I’m so focused on how Boone and Coy are connecting, I almost don’t even notice. This was beautiful, and again... it’s about time
  4. IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!! *ahem... Excuse me. 👀 Holy wow, I don't know if I was supposed to be laughing while reading parts of this chapter, but when Coy told Boone to ask his question, I chuckled for a good minute. That was just so satisfying, for Coy to show Boone how well he knows him, how well he can read him. Then his explanation about them getting the two plots of land and Boone being all bewildered about Coy buying land, I'm like how the heck did you miss that Boone you big dope. Then of course all the talk about courting, I just love Coy. He's so adorable. The ending of
  5. spikey582

    Chapter 6

    Well Adi, it does feel a bit rushed at the end, though I realize a lot was left open on purpose. Like what will TT think when Santa keeps coming over? Also, Will Peter ever stop having that brainlet babysit for him? Important questions like those... 👀
  6. spikey582

    Chapter 5

    Oh god don’t even get me started. Or @Timothy M. I do believe in forgiveness and redemption, it’s unrealistic and unreasonable to assume no one can ever change or fix past mistakes. There’s definitely things that can taint a relationship to a point where there’s no coming back from it, but I don’t think Peter’s actions back then quite reached that point. I also don’t care who Peter had sex with after their relationship ended. When a relationship is over, it’s fair game. So perhaps reconciliation is in the cards. Though I gotta say, baby steps Tristan. Don’t romanticize the whole thing
  7. Gary, when I saw the guy's name I had to go back and check your description cause I was sure he had a waxed mustache and a bowler hat. As for which kind of mind I have... it's probably both Though my writer muscles are very out of shape anymore. As much as I would love to see Coy do just that, because Boone's reaction would be amazing, I don't think dear Coy is ready for that just yet. I feel like he's closer than Boone could ever imagine though. I had to read this chapter in spurts, and I thought I had a bit of a chunk left to read, and then it ended up being like two paragraphs
  8. Boone and Coy better watch out, this Lemon fella seems to be working for the Lumber Baron of Larkspur County. I mean look at his name boys, he’s clearly some kind of villain. Of course Gary had assured us there’ll be no shootouts in this Western so maybe it’s safe... Also, Boone needs to stop trying to push my boy Coy away! He clearly has his sights set on hanging around this beautiful area. Boone needs to like accept it or something. I feel like Coy could show up naked in Boone’s bed and he’d be all “No Coy, you punched me that one time cause you’re not made that way.”
  9. Well okay, apparently Peter didn’t cheat on him. But the problem is, his dishonesty would have destroyed their relationship anyway. Say Tristan had never seen the “performance” and the firm gossip saw it all and only the “right” people heard about it. He still would have gone on to lie to his parents about the relationship, continued to lie to Tristan, and who knows how long that would have lasted. How long would he have kept justifying it? Sure Tristan ran instead of confronting Peter about what he saw, and could have done a few things differently, like not changing his phone nu
  10. Well maybe Coy could accept what he wants and come to grips and work through his fears if Boone would stop projecting his fears onto Coy and pushing him away...
  11. spikey582

    Chapter Five

    I’ll be honest, I feel like Jake is very manipulative. Whatever reason he’s keeping quiet about certain things doesn’t bother me much yet. There’s a lot of very wealthy people who are extremely down to earth, giving, and don’t like to flash their wealth or make a big deal about it. I understand this. But some things about their relationship are making my Spidey senses tingle. It seems mostly well-intentioned right now, so I hope I’m wrong.
  12. spikey582


    Sasha, I found a wiki that includes character info for Keith, he becomes one of the Voltron lion pilot guys, would that be after this or just a completely different reality? Or is that part of the S8 stuff you were talking about?
  13. spikey582


    I’ll admit I had to do a bit of searching to figure out what this was a fanfiction for. I haven’t watched any new versions of Voltron, but this was definitely better than I can ever remember that show being. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed it.
  14. spikey582

    Chapter Four

    Does Liam (and Sebastian for that matter) have some kind of mental disorder? Obviously Sebastian is extremely shallow and is seemingly only asking Dylan out because he changed his appearance. But he seemed genuinely hurt by the rejection. Who in their right mind would have even considered they had a chance there. Hey I physically assaulted you two weeks ago and screamed homophobic slurs at you, but would you go out with me... WTF? Liam seems very enamored with Dylan, very aware of what he does, who he spends time with, where he works. They were extremely close friends, and then Liam
  15. Great story, Mike’s a good big brother. He saw more than he bargained for As an aside, to me it seems like he needs to drop that high school relationship himself and meet other people. But that’s just me,
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