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  1. I really hope that this goes well. Artie and Scotty are both really sweet boys, and I think they’d click really well with enough interests and yet differences to keep each other interested. But considering how shy Artie can be, and how fixated Scotty is on Tristan, I’m very concerned.
  2. spikey582

    Chapter 37

    Yeah not sure why Sean is trying to drag Tyler into this mess, beyond doing what is apparently expected of him. Obviously Sean’s family isn’t really close at all, and there’s massive tension there. But yes, drag Tyler away from his tight knit and ever-growing family for a big house and a bunch of vapid snobs...
  3. Am I the only one who’s cheering on Hank going away with Kevin so Chase can finally move on? My sympathy for Hank died last chapter, I'm at a point where I’m loving Chase’s development and think he could probably do better than Hank. This chapter was a great read, but for me it’s only solidifying how I already feel. Not every relationship is meant to last forever. I don’t feel like Chase & Hank were meant to last. The only downside to this is if Gary has a reconciliation planned for them. I’ve made up my mind, and it’s going to be hard for me to overlook this kind of stuff. Sometimes you can’t come back from what you do.
  4. Yeah that's enough out of you Gary, what are you the author?
  5. So my first thought upon finishing the chapter: does Hank even know Chase? Oh he supposedly loves him, and was ready to make a lifelong commitment blah blah blah. Chase has one bad night, admittedly a very bad night, and is now a total monster in Hank's eyes? How well did Hank even know Chase in the first place if he really thinks so little of him? Yes Chase was right to say no to that proposal. Their marriage would have crashed and burned eventually, cause Chase was one mistake away from completely evaporating any trust they had. Chase has been saying that Hank is now acting out of character, he knows Hank well enough to make that kind judgement. Hank doesn't know Chase well enough to think that perhaps what Chase did at the club was a little out of the norm? And no, even with Chase's previous issues, he never could have possibly done anything similar, or Hank would have disappeared long before that. After this little display, I'm firmly in the camp that I want to see Chase move on to bigger and better things. I feel like Hank is romanticized in Chase's eyes and he doesn't have a good perspective of what Hank is really like. He relied on his strength and seemingly ignored everything else. Or perhaps I'm totally wrong. As I still have no idea where you're headed with this tale, but I'm having a harder and harder time giving a damn about Hank and his bullshit. Dude needs help obviously, and perhaps one day he'll be ready for the ups-and-downs of an actual relationship where he doesn't get to control everything. Also, I really like Dawson a lot, and want him to become an expert at some really good timing.
  6. spikey582


    @wenmale64 you should definitely read Dustin’s World, some of my favorite moments of the entire series happen in that story. In fact last week after reading about Dustin’s reaction to what Hartley did, I found myself rereading segments of that story. @jkwsquirrel I just want to say thank you. This isn’t really the ending, as we know the real ending happens in that same park several years later. It sucks that we leave these characters behind, but this was truly a privilege as I thought we wouldn’t see more of them after Dustin’s World. I hope we’ll be lucky enough to see what you write next.
  7. spikey582

    Chapter 6 Contact

    Pretty much what everyone else has commented were my exact thoughts while reading this chapter. I will say that when Chase finally found his backbone at the end I said "Thank fucking god" cause Hank seriously pissed me off. Chase made a mistake, he's apologized, he's been understanding and eventually accepting, he's tried to make things right one way or another. The man doesn't need to keep apologizing for his existence to Hank. I had been trying to be more sympathetic to Hank, but he just continues to rub me the wrong way.
  8. Hank reminds me of another character from another story our dear friend Litlover published a few years back. His reactions are being informed by his past experiences with his family. On top of that he found the man he loved kissing another person the same night said man rejected his proposal. Hank is heartbroken and seems to be totally unable to deal with the situation. I say this because sitting alone on a park bench rather than face Chase is not dealing with it at all. I'm glad to see the path Chase is walking, and I wonder what he’ll do next. I agree with dugh, Hank isn’t very sympathetic, but then I think about what happened to him and what he’s going through and I find he’s very sympathetic. As usual I have more thoughts, but this story evokes so many different emotions in me.
  9. Well we already know Hartley gets what he wants out of Dustin. Seeing this side of that whole fiasco makes me rethink a lot of things about the end of Commencement. Dustin thought whatever he was doing was going to help Billy. I thought Dustin just casually dropped his best friend out of nowhere. Now it’s looking like the fallout of this bullshit with Hartley must have played a part and Dustin hid it from Billy. The different reactions of the other readers on the scene between Aiden and his dad is interesting to me. I personally feel horrible for both of them. It just left me with a bit of a sick feeling in my gut. Also a bit confused on that, was Aiden repeatedly hit by his father or was it just that one horrible incident?
  10. spikey582

    Family Matters

    @Sasha Distan it’s funny going back through old stories on this site and realizing I completely missed this when you first posted it. Reading about Jamie and Ste of course brought my me back to A Beautiful Thing. I hadn’t that seen in nearly 20 years, but it’s always stuck with me as it certainly helped my own outlook when I was discovering myself. This actually inspired me to go back and rewatch that film tonight. Enjoyed this other Jamie’s story very much. He and Blaine certainly have a very passionate life and bright future ahead of them. Glad I found this gem.
  11. Only liking this post cause the pain lessened and you got a new car
  12. Yeah if you play your cards right there could be back scratches too @clochette, @Albert1434, @Page Scrawler
  13. Oh hey there stud muffin! I’m suddenly reminded someone mentioned a teddy bear needing a hug...
  14. Just stopped in to say hi and saw this... Don’t know what’s going on, but thinking of you bud.
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