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  1. spikey582

    Salix Babylonica - 12 - 11:31 am

    Why is nobody answering their phone? Ben is sending Clay multiple messages, yet when the kid actually calls him back he doesn’t have time for that? What are these guys just carrying their phones around in their hands and then when they get calls from people they’ve been trying to contact just saying “nah bro”? It’s getting a little annoying, Also, Ben again on his own going to contact somebody on the suspect list without even telling anybody? This after Rush explained to him how dangerous this situation can be? Lo, and behold, he’s unknowingly walking straight into the killer’s clutches. He didn’t bother to check the email wherein Nats is directly implicated in the murders. I really hope that the “unfortunate” part isn’t Ben getting killed too. But, again I’m extremely annoyed with him right now. Clay being stupid is one thing, but Ben isn’t a dumb teenager and he does know better.
  2. spikey582

    Meeting Max

    Well, I identify the most with Louis’s hesitation, and the slight bit of resentment he’s feeling here. Honestly he’s a better man than me. I took care of my father for two years before he died and if somebody came to me and asked me to take on a similar responsibility again, just cause I did it before, the answer would be no. Granted, with my dad he was fully disabled, as opposed to Max’s situation. But I could never do it again. I, like everyone else, like Max so far. We didn’t get enough time with him and D&L. We need more of that!
  3. spikey582

    Chapter 4

    Am I the only person who feels like this is all a bit out of proportion for what actually transpired? Their “amazing afternoon” together was a brief and superficial conversation in a hotel room for like 2 hours wherein Gavin had a private photo shoot and Josh was forced to undergo scrutiny by private security people. They were supposed to attend an event together which never happened and then they were on a jet back home and Josh had a concussion. I’m not getting where this supposed connection happened. They barely know each other and have spent zero time in an intimate one-on-one setting. To me Gavin comes off a little desperate and weird posting a picture of some guy he barely knows who hasn’t spoken to him in weeks. I feel several steps in the building of their relationship haven’t happened naturally, and this whole thing feels melodramatic and forced instead of organic.
  4. spikey582

    Salix Babylonica - 11 - The Last Day

    Okay, so I finally spotted inconsistencies that I hadn’t previously seen since I believe it was spread across more than one chapter. Nats narrative of what she did changed. She said she turned the heater off and “that was that” and also said she couldn’t turn the heater off and so opened the window. Nats has been suspicious as hell to me all along, and she certainly seems to be involved with these murders. The studio space is obviously a link between she and Steve. I’ve not really thought much about Jake’s dad, but Clay is headed right to him, and this seems to be dangerous. What the hell is this kid thinking? He needs to take his buddy Carl, get his ass home, and stick with slaying dragons.
  5. spikey582

    Chapter 3

    Well he did say he’d never leave “if all goes according to plan.” The plan to get back with D? The plan to help D from the forces against him? Some other plan?
  6. spikey582

    Chapter 3

    Okay cowards stop dodging the damn conversations you need to be having. Well, at least D will be pleasantly surprised when Nico is still there after more than a few days.
  7. spikey582

    The Party

    So, I sorta have mixed feelings about how this was presented to Louis. I’m not really getting the need for all the secrecy, considering how much will fall on Louis’s shoulders by taking on this responsibility. But, I guess it doesn’t really matter that much. Obviously they’ll bring the kid home. Changes again indeed tim.
  8. spikey582


    Frankly I still can’t fathom why in the hell Chipper’s sister married that guy. Granted we don’t know her nearly as well, and the only times I can recall seeing any part of their relationship are the infrequent meet ups. But where is the draw? Cristina has never seemed elitist enough to pair up with a shallow, materialistic guy like him. How did that marriage even happen? CJ’s insistence with Ethan reminded me quite a bit of César during the prenup fiasco. Good intentions and all. He does seem to be becoming his father in a lot of ways. Not a bad thing, just an observation. Liz’s mysterious last request continues to intrigue me. It’s interesting that you included that in this chapter, as I was quite literally wondering about that as I started into reading this morning. I was trying to remember if that had somehow been resolved in that last book and I’d missed it. Clearly not.
  9. spikey582

    Chapter 112 The Blues Brothers

    The temper tantrum wasn’t normal. I’m not an expert on anything but it almost seems like a mixture of both psychological and physical problems. I tend to think he’s having panic attacks, but the mood swings and violent responses lead me to believe it’s after affects of his head injury. I have a hard time relaxing and enjoying this story. I just feel like the problems following Robbie around are just always looming. He gets a chance to meet this really nice guy who’s seemingly interested in him, and it’s all tarnished by his increasingly intolerable home life. Plus, he has something seriously wrong with him, and I think needs medical help, and his horrible pseudo parents couldn’t give a damn. He has to lie about staying with a male friend now. How the hell did this family get so goddamn dysfunctional?
  10. Well, I finally remembered to say something, 4 years ago today I officially joined the GA community.  It's been a great 4 years, and I'm so happy to have been able to interact with so many of you over the course of my time here.  


    Thanks to all the writers (and non-writers) who have contributed so much that I have been able to enjoy.  Much love to all of you.

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    2. Defiance19


      Glad you’re here too Spikey!! Happy GA anniversary!!:hug:

    3. Valkyrie


      Happy GA-versary!  I'm so glad to have you here :hug::D 

    4. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Tillykke - and thanks for being a good team mate. :thumbup:

  11. spikey582

    GMA II

    Owen needs to spend a few sessions with CJ and Thiago practicing so he can learn how to fall. Throwing a hand out to catch yourself is always a bad idea. Of course it’s really hard to remember in the heat of the moment when a fall is unintentional. Sad to see the Squad spreading so far and wide. Sad but inevitable. CJ will see less and less of so many of them. I imagine if Ritchie joins the Air Force they could go years without seeing each other. Anyway, good stuff happening thus far. Will Thiago be pulling out a ring and being the next of the Squad to get married?
  12. spikey582

    GMA I

    CJ sounds different for sure. Harley sounds the same... I was cracking up at his dialogue when they got to the farm in this chapter.
  13. spikey582

    GMA I

    This boys and girls is dear Carlos’s subtle hint that Spikey has been remiss in his story comments of late. For more than one story that I read on the regular at that. I had to go back and look to see what hoopla was going on in early Walls. That’s two years ago C, and so many things have happened since then. Still, even the GSA tyrant girl’s antics don’t count as a CLIFFHANGER!!!
  14. spikey582

    GMA I

    Took me forever to get around to reading. Yeah I’m not too worried about Owen. They didn’t go splat. Though throwing out his arm to break his fall sounds like a broken arm to me. Though I gotta say, I don’t recall any of CJ’s previous adventures staring on a cliffhanger right out the gate.
  15. spikey582

    Salix Babylonica 9 - Confessions

    No Clay, get back to playing your video games. No helping a damn murder investigation!

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