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  1. spikey582

    Chapter 4

    Honestly, that was just the wrong day for that to be happening. An older Derry would probably take a personal day or something. Not that anyone should be verbally abusing the person helping them, I'm not sure what the appropriate response is supposed to be. In the past, when I was in such a circumstance, I’d refuse to help them. Ken should have been concerned about that, but apparently he doesn’t care about his employees at all.
  2. spikey582

    Sweetest gift

    So the ex in-laws are making their move. And with Mike somehow involved. I’d have to wonder is someone on the law enforcement side of the investigation compromised? I mean it only took a couple weeks for Matt to find the malfeasance, and he was just a college kid with a bit of general experience. And he hand delivered the evidence to whichever agency was involved.
  3. spikey582

    Chapter 14

    It would be nice to check in with Gwen some time down the line and see how she turned out. Will this have been a wakeup call for her? Or will she, like so many others, never hold herself accountable and keep blaming others for her failings? Oh well, Benji and Ryan are together, and they will make something of their future, doing the things that will support themselves that they actually enjoy.
  4. spikey582

    Lost and found

    I know their relationship is secure enough to overcome these types of bumps, but I really hope there is a way for Seamus to finally come to the realization that he won't be rejected by Matt the way he was by others in the past. I don't think absolutely everyone needs counseling to overcome whatever personal issues they have, so I'm not going to say, oh Seamus needs to go vent his issues to a third party. Just maybe there's some way he can find out that Matt was trying just as hard to get a hold of him throughout this whole fiasco, that Matt needs and wants him just as much. I guess whatever Matt is working on will play into that. I gotta say though, I don't care if it's tradition for him and his dudebros to go on vacation together, he shouldn't have left with things they way they were. Vacation with the boys is great, but he's in a serious relationship that's going somewhere permanent, that takes precedence. And likewise Matt should never have made plans with his dumb high school friends in the first place, since he was clearly past all that a long time ago. I mean, they didn't value him enough to even extend common courtesy. Anyway, great ending to the chapter, I can't wait to see what Matt is cooking up for his hunky ginger.
  5. spikey582

    Chapter 13

    Okay Ryan’s parents are pretty brilliant when they’re on their game. They wanted to meet Benji, and they figured out a way to do ease into it and not have the meeting be the main focus. Plus they were absolutely hilarious. Also, getting Benji into school sooner rather than later is the right thing to do. It’s time he has people in his life that genuinely want his best interest instead of using and abusing him.
  6. spikey582

    Chapter 12

    I mean, that bitch owes him some money. She kept telling him their rent wouldn’t pay itself. Apparently her share did pay itself since Benji was basically paying for both of them. Good conversation with mom.
  7. spikey582

    Potato Detox

    I don’t know quite how to feel about all that. Aiden’s behavior was becoming a problem, and I’m not really sure what other solution they could come up with. Clearly Matt needs more time with Aiden, I had assumed they generally took care of him together, so Matt not knowing what kinds of foods Aiden likes, or generally much about him kinda came out of left field to me. I know he worked a lot, but apparently wasn’t involved enough when he was around. Them spending two weeks together definitely feels like they made some progress, so I totally get why Matt wouldn’t want to immediately undo all that as soon as they go back to the loft. Their routine needs to change, and Seamus needs to get onboard with that. I don’t really get his flex about the pizza that sparked this whole mess to begin with. I get Matt’s, and frankly I’m surprised Seamus didn’t get it. Obviously part of Seamus’s issue is that he isn’t Aiden’s parent, as much as he feels like he is, and the ER situation illustrated that perfectly. If they do stay together, that would also have to change eventually. As for Matt taking advantage? Not even remotely. Seamus was insistent, and he took it as a personal attack every time Matt suggested alternatives to the status quo. Well that clearly isn’t going to work moving forward, and I have little sympathy for Seamus saying how hard it’s been on him. Aiden wasn’t his burden to bear in the first place.
  8. spikey582

    Aidan vs. Matt

    I’m curious, does Aiden do this with Grandpa? Why is his reaction to Matt so negative? Matt has been there the whole time, what flipped the kid’s switch? Kids that age are so damn extra.
  9. spikey582

    Chapter 9

    Hopefully Benji will be leaving behind Peter’s weird cult and Barney by the end of this story. These people are leaches, and Benji needs to get his smile back. I’m hoping the only thing Ryan is leaving behind is his parents’ ridiculous expectations. Clearly Ryan likes what he does, and what’s wrong with joining the family business?
  10. spikey582

    Chapter 8

    Yeah Ryan didn’t answer texts right away and his abusive roommate spent hours putting doubts in his head telling him Ryan was “like the others.” The more I think about Gwen’s behavior the more bizarre it seems. I know people frequently post too much of their lives on social media, but the way she photographed Ryan after he barely woke up with Ben their first time, and immediately posted that to social media makes no rational sense. She’s pretty deliberately sabotaging Benji’s relationships, and I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first one. Ryan would do well to show up at the club that night. There has to be something he can do to help Benji’s confidence in what they’re building. As for Ryan’s familial situation, he’s absolutely right that his sexual life is not the business of a 14-year-old girl, and she needs to stop with whatever it is she’s doing. Trying to use Ryan’s sexuality as a distraction for their parents so she can go off and get knocked up by Flash Thompson or whatever. Also, Luca is right, tell the damn parents the major already. It’s like ripping off a band-aid. I mean I don’t really get their desire to pick an occupation for their son, they’re not old money aristocratic types anyway.
  11. It’s not that crazy... I thought the same thing.
  12. spikey582

    Party Balloon

    Wow I was so not expecting that chapter... I did a double take when I realized there had been an update I almost missed. Okay, so I think these moment's with Aiden cleaning have been my favorite Aiden moments so far. That reminds me so much of the little kids in my life when they were all so excited about the smallest things and wanted to show everybody they loved. Everything between Matt & Seamus was perfect. Don't know any other way to say it. Christmas with the new family was just the start of great things to come.
  13. Yeah Matt, you’re kinda in love with Seamus. Sometimes it’s hard to be certain though. Anyway I had full confidence he’d find the malfeasance, and just think, he’s still learning this stuff. But this Mike character seemed pretty blatant, just using a “company card” for whatever. Also Aiden screaming and fighting, yeah miss me with that stuff. 😂
  14. spikey582

    Chapter 7

    I’m pretty sure breakfast tomorrow morning will be real too Benji. I don’t think Ryan will be walking away anytime soon, but that’s just me. I also think Dad is going to be trying to call him for some reason. Ryan is going to have to come out as a mechanic to his parents soon. Sooner rather than later I think.
  15. 😂😂😂 I remember when my sweet little nephew was just over a year old. He was my little buddy that would always chill on my lap, but just a few months past 1, and he’s getting into everything and throwing temper tantrums out of no where. He was still a total cutie pie though haha. All the talks were perfect. Matt finally started peeling back the onion and figuring out Seamus’s deeper layers. Their wrestling match had me grinning like crazy. Now it’s time for Matt to start his investigative accounting practice. 😜
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