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zwieback - Word of the Day - Wed Mar 1, 2023




zwieback - (noun) - a kind of biscuit that is sliced and toasted after baking

biscuit GIF


I could go for some zwiebacks covered in sausage gravy.


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3 hours ago, Bill W said:

Well, English has an Anglo-Saxon connection, so it shouldn't be too weird.  In fact, the British Royal family was somewhat proud of their German ancestry.  Don't forget that Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, came from that region, although it wasn't Germany yet, as did George I.  

I know, yet, there are words that don't sound like they've evolved into English but are rather a loanword. Technically, Prince Ernst August of Hanover even has the title "Prince of Great Britain and Ireland", but in Germany, the legal privileges of royalty and nobility were abolished in 1919.

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Can I have white gravy :yes: ?

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On 3/4/2023 at 10:43 PM, wildone said:

Can I have white gravy :yes: ?

I prefer chicken gravy or brown gravy.  But I don't mind if someone else has their favorite gravy.

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