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Scary Tales and Creepy Stories

Cole Matthews


At the heart of every scary story is a nugget of truth.  We use fiction and storytelling to process emotions including fear, terror, and that lingering emotion called anxiety.  As writers, we need to use life experiences to flesh out our creations.  Fright isn't just about dark nights and ghosts.  It's about what's unknown and about what we know only too well.  Let's practice that channeling of our most negative emotions.  

#139 - You are a camp counselor.  Make up a story that will scare the bejeezus out of your eight to ten-year-old campers.  

#140 - Think of a real life frightening experience that you had.  Now, create a character and have them tell that story to someone else.  How do they feel?  How does it still affect them?

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