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please don't die. We'll only embarrass you by taking out our ouija boards and muttering things like: 'Is there a chapter present?'.

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Oh man....idea for an internet author story...hmmm...group work for halloween...cute boy gets terrorized by spirit of deceased author for pestering him?

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Life is all about change. I hope that you find them for the better.


I hope you get all the work you want and make plenty of money.


We miss you when you're busy but we'll be here when you get back.


Best wishes,




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Good luck Dom and take your time :) The Domoholics arent going anywhere, unless you have us all captured and sent to a hidden island where we're drugged and forced to watch Grandma Alice and Luke roll around in the sack....hmm, come to think of it, that would be so bad.... 0:)0:)0:)

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:hug: busy work sucks, money is pretty cool though, i just wish there was an easier, non criminal way to get it :D like they all said, we'll be here when youre here Dom, who knows i may be un busy myself by then ;)
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Hey Dom! Inspiration being a bitch? Do what I do, slap Inspiration in the face and hold your breath until you feel some creativity :2thumbs: .


Really, Congrats with your dad and I wish you the best,



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