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Just another manic Monday



Well, I expected today (Monday morning here in Taiwan) to be yet another day from hell, but it actually wasn't. I got everything I needed to do completed in only two hours (including commute time), which included picking up my scholarship money, stopping by the Chinese department office to make sure my thesis wasn't missing anything before I took it to the printer, then off to the Computing & Networking Center to get my account # and password so I can upload my thesis onto the school library's server, taking my thesis to the printer (and it's only gonna cost about US$75 to get five hard-bound and five soft-bound copies printed!), and finally to the bank to deposit my scholarship money. Not a single hitch or problem either. So, I was definitely happy.


On to other stuff ... I'm really excited that I'm now a full Hosted Author at GA now. It's a really great honor to be listed with such fabulous authors as Dom Luka, dkstories, Comicality, and VLista. I hope everyone checks the new site often, as I've got lots of plans and projects/stories in the works.




I'll be posting any news or updates on story stuff in the "News & Updates" section of my website instead of here in the future, which you can access from the main page. So if you want to know what I'm working on, or what's been posted recently, or anything else to do with the progress of my stories, you can check there. I'd like to leave my blog for other stuff, and maybe sometime soon I'll have something more interesting to post than my whole moving process and anxieties about my impending job search! :wacko:


But anyway, Chapter 18 is posted, and Kitty is already working on Chapter 19. Chapter 20 is also finished, and I've gotten a good start on Chapter 21. Then I'll be focusing on my Summer Anthology entry and the first chapter of "When I See You Again" for a couple weeks.


Tomorrow is going to be another busy day ... work in the morning, and then a dentist appointment at 3:30 pm. Then Wednesday and Thursday will be rest days, and hopefully I can pitch some more stuff, do some cleaning, and get some more writing done. I'd like to have Chapter 21 done in the next few days so that I can get to work on the other stuff I mentioned.


Anywho, that's it for now! :boy:


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I'm so glad your day went well, David! :2thumbs:


LOL I've been wanting to use that title for one of my blog entries for awhile now! LOL but I don't mind that you beat me to it ;) . Anyway good luck with tomorrow, congrats again on your hosting, and I hope you enjoy your restful Wed. and Thurs.


Take care!



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You say that chapter 18 is posted, but I don't see it. is this what they mean by 'jet lag'? :D

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