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Hit & Run Drivers Should Be Castrated



I suppose I should feel lucky that I've managed to survive five years in Taiwan without being involved in a single traffic accident (although I've seen my share of dead bodies lying in the street), considering how Taiwanese DRIVE LIKE FRIGGIN' INSANE MANIACS WITH NO CONCERN FOR ANYONE ... and that may sound like a broad generalization or stereotype or whatever, but it's not ... every single Taiwanese person who operates a motor vehicle drives like a reckless lunatic with no regard for safety, the law, or anything else. I've seen a mom, dad, four small children, and a dog on one 500cc scooter before -- on more than one occasion -- with only the mom and dad wearing safety helmets. That's just one small example of the INSANITY here.


Anyway, so tonight as I was walking home from buying my dinner of fried rice, pork dumplings, and stir-fried veggies, I was standing ON THE CURB waiting to cross the street, and got hit by some idiot on a scooter. I'm surprised that my whole left arm didn't get ripped off ... although I've got a huge bruise running up my left arm now. Once I'd realized what happened, realized that my left arm was going to be out of commission for a counter-attack, and chose to attempt to knock the helmet off his head with a side kick, the jerk had sped off with a weak "dui bu qi" (sorry) ... he didn't even stop. I was most disappointed that I wasn't fast enough to enact my revenge, or even shout off a series of nasty Taiwanese slurs about his mother. So, yeah, I was mad ... and am still mad. And I'm going to be angry at Taiwan for the next 30 days until I get out of here.


I just got the first edit of Chapter 19 back from Kitty. Usually I make the corrections and send it back for the second edit right away, but my arm really hurts, and I'm in a pissy mood, so I'll do it later.


Oh ... and the school's library finally accepted the electronic version of my thesis after rejecting it once because they're idiots, requiring me to call them and be not so nice. I've learned that being nice here doesn't get you very far. Taiwan is a dog eat dog world, and no one cares about anyone else.


Anyway, my fried rice is getting cold.


*sticks up middle finger at Ihla Formosa and stomps off angrily* :devil:


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Wow... That's just horrible. :blink: Well, you'll be out of there soon, so we won't have to worry about one of our favorite writers getting killed by some crazy driver. :music: I agree, hit-&-runners should be castrated.. Or at least drive themselves to death fast so they don't hurt anyone else. :lmao: Good luck with the arm, moving and writing.

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I am really sorry about your arm and the hit and run.. I tell everyone that sailing across the ocean was really safe compared to riding my bike around Sevilla where the scooters go every and any direction and on the sidewalks(of course I do too on my bike but I am special lol..). Soundsl like your decision to leave gets reenforced constantly. Pax Steve sv Gandalf still in Sevilla

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Sorry to hear about your arm. Hope you feel better pretty soon. Anywho I don't believe I ever posted here so I should tell you Someday Out Of the Blue ....one of the best I've read so far(hands up to ya). The story is really good and I can also see that When I See You Again is going to be another good one. You truely are talented, keep up the good work




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LB, glad you weren't hurt worse! I hope your arm heals fast.


I agree with you about hit-and-run drivers... I've been hit by one, but that only damaged my car, not me (I wasn't even in it) so not a big deal, and I'd have still liked to hunt the SOB down.


Too bad your kick didn't connect!

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Guest Kitty


To repeat what Ben said ... OMG, David!!! Are you OK?


I wasa in a little car accident a few years back ... nothing major, just rear-ended by someone accelerating and changing lanes, and she didn't notice that the cars in the lane I was in had stopped because of someone blocking the road ahead. I wasn't really hurt, but something like that can really shake you up. Keep breathing!!



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Oh lord(or should i say Buddha? :blink: ), may you never end up driving in Mexico City xD.

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oh no David! :o


:hug::hug: You poor thing. Did you go to the doctor? You should, you never know if perhaps it isn't fractured or something.

So, yeah, I was mad ... and am still mad.

That's completely understandable, and it's good to work through your feelings, but:


And I'm going to be angry at Taiwan for the next 30 days until I get out of here.

Try not to do that. Just let go of the anger; we all know it isn't good for you. It's not going to help the situation, it's not even going to make the person responsible feel any worse, it's just going to hurt you and dampen the time you have remaining. To put a spin a pop culture question: "What would the Dali Lama do?" :boy:


As far as hit and runs go here's a pretty ironic one. Several years ago I was coming home one night and had car trouble. So I called my mom to come and pick me up. She'd hardly gotten out of the neighbourhood when this car ran a red light, hit her, and kept going. She was fine, but the car was pretty messed up. Plus it was just so ironic that she was coming to get me because my vehicle was out of commission and hers suffered a similar fate in the process.


I hope you feel better, take care of yourself.



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I'm so sorry you got hurt David! Sounds like they are crazy drivers over there! I spose there are some everywhere but sounds like the bad ones are more prevelant then the good ones there. I hope your arm feels better real soon, and if not you go to the doctors and get it checked!




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