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Xander Middle Name Contest



Okay, I never really gave Xander a real middle name...my mom calls him Xander Zoe...cuz it sounds cool when you say "Jayne Joe and Xander Zoe" but I dont really like that and it pisses me off each time she calls him Xander Zoe because I tell her not to and she does anyway and I havent confirmed that that's his middle name and yea.


Anyways, I decided to let you guys come up with names that sound good following Xander, and then if one really sticks out to me that I like, I'm gonna pick it, or if there's more than one that I really like, I'll create a poll in the Lounge, but as of now, courtesy of Viv, I like Xander Matthew :) .


Make me proud guys :P



Recommended Comments

Guest Kitty


Well, I like Xander Zoe. Has a ring to it. :blink:


Okey-dokey, let's see ...


Xander Alexander

Xander Rambunctious

Xander Theodore

Xander Daniel (hmmm ... not bad)

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I like Kitty's Xander Theodore. I also like double barrelled names, and when you get names that are just a single letter - like R or S


Xander Smith

Xander Nathaniel

Xander Xavier-Zoom

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