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Carrying a kid on your back for 40 blocks...



Okay, so today I had to babysit my lil cousin Bailey (she's 4) for like 11 hours. Well that gets to be an awfully long day...don't get me wrong, I love my lil cousin to death :wub: but yea. I had asked her mom if I could take her to the park later today and she said that would be fine. Well apparently there was a park a few blocks over, which I didnt know about... <_< ...so I walked to the other park which was like 19 blocks from the house. And...I couldnt expect her little legs to walk that far, and she loves me giving her piggy back rides, so..lol, yes, I walked that far with her on my back. Well, the other day when I walked Xander, I walked over to Justin's house and he wasnt home :( , so his house was kinda but not really, by the park, so I walked there too :P . On my way, his dad drove by and saw me and waved at me...I spose he didnt even realize I was going to their house, even though I'm sure he knows I have no other reason for being on that road, but oh well, lol. So I get to his house and his mom is leaving in her car and Justin and his sister are leaving in his car :( . I didn't walk another 8 blocks for nothing, so I asked him if I could go with :) . This was also the first time I've seen or talked to him this summer :o so I was glad to see him :) . Well, his mom had to be at a meeting, but also had to get these things handed out for new cable subscribers, so she was paying Justin and his sister to do it, :lol: . Well, there went some more walking...the street that needed to be done was like 7 blocks long...well he parked his car at the beginning of the route and we walked down the first side and then at the end turned around and came back the other side. When we got back, Bailey was getting tired and even though I would have liked to spend more time with Justin, I had a responsibility on my hands and then Justin offered to take us back to Bailey's house. So I walked about 40 blocks total today, all but maybe a block total (when Bailey wanted down for like a second to see something), with a good 30-pound kid on my back, lol. That is a lot of walking, but besides the kid on my back, it doesnt really phase me at all because I've been walking a lot lately, mainly cuz it's good exercise and Xander needs the exercise too, but I've gotten where I like walking a lot :P .


Btw, no word on my camera and it's pissing me off <_< , lol.


Later guys :) ,



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Sounds like so much fun!! When I was kid raising, I had a kid seat on my 10-speed bike, and the city bus took us all over town. Luckily Darnell rode for free, so it was pretty easy to get around town. But they can be so fun to play with at the park :D But yeaqh it was always nice to be able to hop in a car and get a ride too.






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