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Rude! you are too kind. Govt. by petition is one of my bete noirs. Rather than elect people who represent our views or working to change them to ones who do we seem to circumventing the whole political process. God knows we would still have segregation and who knows what else if majority ruled in this country. oops better stop am beginning to rant. :devil:


Glad you caught it and had a good day hope today is good to you. Love your new story by the way. Pax Steve

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Dom, bravo for resisting the pushy tactics. Too bad you didn't get the woman's name because the fellow lied to her...she can call the Secretary of State's office and have her name removed from the petition.


Another thing...call the Secretary of State's office YOURSELF, and file a complaint about their tactics. If you don't mind these guys pushing you and others around...don't call. If it really irks you and you want to do someting about it...


Lowder, Holly Director of Elections


303-894-2200 x 6305


Call her and give her as much information as you can about what happened, where, time, day, etc. Don't make it a complaint about the petition...but about the signature gatherers (especially a guy appearing in uniform. If he was an active duty or reservist in a real uniform, he violated federal law and should be charged with that federal crime).


Once you've done that, send these folks an e-mail and give them the same information: http://www.equalrightscolorado.org/sys-tmpl/door/



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The right-wankers, those who would restrict the rights of others, have all the warmth and charm of used car salemen.


"Trust us, just sign here."

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I hate it when people push like that. It's just plain rude. You were much more nice to him then I would've been.

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It's just plain rude.





Dan's right. It's election fraud, it's illegal, and you can't let them get away with it. Don't be put off by not knowing who the guy is: just call it in, with date and time and place.



We're are a really precarious moment in history -- very like 1933 in Europe. We have a chance to preserve (our imperfect) democracy against the most organized anti-democratic, unjust, greedy, and dangerous clique the world has ever seen. It means we can't let the little things go.


Edit: I gather by Dan's response that you're in Colorado, Dom? I've only been able to tell that you were somewhere in the middle of the continent.

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:thumbdown: That Pallot guy is a ass. Glad that u stand up to that guy. I'll be more questionable when a person wants a petition signed.
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