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Giving back



I've decided to do something. I talked about it with quite a few people on this site and on other sites, and everyone agreed that it was a good idea, so here it is........



Im going to change Nick's Story Page. It's been a good site for me, and I've had a lot of exposure because of it. It get's hundreds of hits a day, and I think it can serve a greater good now......



From now on, Nick's Story Page belongs to new writers who are making an effort to improve and get noticed. I'm going to put some rules in place about having stories posted there, like being an active member of GA, and having your stories posted on e-fiction. Also, your work has to be edited, and I would like for writers to take advantage of some of the programs that are going to be rolled out soon by the wss.gif

If you're trying to get noticed, people come from all kinds of sites to Nick's Story Page , so you'd have great exposure and most likely a lot of readers. What I'm planning to do is to take down my individual story links and just post a link back to my main page. I also plan to leave the links that I have posted on the site for GA, CRVboy, RCWP and The Talon House. If you're a writer and intersted in having your writing or poems posted at Nick's Story Page, pm me or email me at nicksstorypage@gmail.com


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Cool, Nick, I like the way you think!!! I can't imagine what you will be doing 10 years from now, but I suspect it will be helping people in one way or another! Follow your heart, and the path will be fullfilling.



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