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Justin and my 5th "Anniversary", lol



Okay, so Sunday the 27th was exactly 5 years ago that school started in 6th grade and my life was made better by the love and friendship of Justin. We've had some bad times, none of which I'd like to mention were n the B.L. (Before Lorena) days, but yeah. Soooooooo, to honor our little "anniversary", I wanted to do something special. :) So, I bought this friendship frame at Walmart and then I went back into my photo archive and made a photo collage of photos of him and me together. :D There were 4 pictures...one was from 6th grade, me and him giving each other bunny ears, with paper reflective stars on our face that we had taken off the wall, lol; another was from 6th grade as well, on "Pirate Day", heh; another was in 8th grade when him and his family invited me along to Valley Fair with them. Those I have slightly in the background, motion-blurred together, then in the lower-right-hand corner, I have a larger picture of us from on my birthday this year when we invited him along. My mom sucked at getting me a picture so I had to photoshop a smile onto me because every other photo was blurred...I think I had a weird look on my face because she was taking forever to take a fricken picture, lol. So that one is slightly overlapping the edges of the other ones, then I have text at the bottom, partly helped by Viv :wub: but inspired by a thing that added a little "us" (me and Justin) to it...."Five years since we met, Five years as best friends, Five years of getting that thing where you laugh so much your cheeks hurt." Hehe, that last part is part of something I asked him back in middle school....we had been hanging around together for most of the day and he made me laugh, and my cheeks literally hurt from laughing/smiling so much. So I asked him "do you ever get that thing where you smile so much that your cheeks hurt?", lol. I kinda planned to tell him that I was gay after I gave him the gift, which he loved :wub: , but then his family got home <_< and then he had to be to work shortly later so that's gonna be postponed till sometime this week. I really want to tell him because I've wanted for so long for him to be accepting of me or to be able to tell him when I think a guy is hot, lol, and who knows? Maybe he can convince me to go talk to a guy or something.


Kay, now for a sad story :( . One of Xander's brother's has already died cuz he killed a cat and their hicks for owners shot him as a result :angry: . Now recently his other brother, Hugo, playfully bit his owner's son's leg too hard and punctured his leg and he ended up needing staples in his leg, so the hospital notified the animal control and they were contemplating putting him down :( . Well, I hadnt heard anything on that in a while, but their other dog Wizard, who's a shih-tzu like our Oreo, is kinda mean and so they were gonna get rid of him. Well I kinda feel sorry for him and we've been wanting to breed Oreo anyway, so we were gonna be taking him from them here shortly. Well, the other day, Wizard and Hugo were playing out in the yard, and they ran out into the road and both got hit by a grain truck :(:(:( . Wizard died like right away :( and it broke Hugo's back and he was in a lot of pain, so they shot him to put him out of his misery....I know this kinda sounds like Old Yeller but these people live out in the country kinda so yeah. I feel really really bad about it....I mean that was Xander's brother! And that was Oreo's boyfriend, hehe...that she didn't like...lol.....she doesnt like any other dog. And Xander's two other siblings we arent too sure where they are....his sister Bebe was taken by some family in our old trailer court but we think they moved, and his sister Precious was adopted by some guy in some small town near here. Oh, it's just so sad about the poor doggies :( .


Also, homecoming week is coming up towards the end of September and if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that last year we had some 'whore'ilogical difficulties which resulted in me getting pissed at Justin and missing the homecoming game for the first time in how many years because I just stayed home and slept off my depression/anger. So I already more or less told Justin that he's mine on the 28th and 29th, hehe. I just need to let him know that I don't want Lorena there.


Kay, later guys! :)



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Aww such a sweet boy (sorry if i use the term boy here, hehe). Damn i lost my train of thought and tottaly forgot what else i was going to say. Any ways i hope everything goes alright when you come out to him.


So sad what happened to Xander's brothers and sister.



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gaahhh! I'm sorry to hear about all the dogs :,( Do make sure you keep Xander on his leash.



[ Mr. Cloudy Day Warning]



Umm, you are really crushing on Justin. Does he have any idea how much you really like him? As in more than a friend? Cause let me tell you that picture collage speaks 1000 words as to what you really think about him. :wub:


Do be careful when you tell him your gay. Do you have any inkling as to how he's going to respond? Will he be able to keep your secret? What if he takes it poorly? Are you prepared for the consequences?


Sigh...good luck Ronnie




[ / Mr. Cloudy Day Warning ]

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Hey Xan. Still alive. :D


I think I'll have to remember that photoshopping the smile thing. In pictures I always sort of look like I want to kill someone. Anyway, that sounds really sweet.



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