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2022 Anthology: Anniversary *Now Live*



Well, on this 20th anniversary year of GA we wanted to get at least 20 Anniversary-themed stories to feature for our 2022 Anthology, and our authors pulled through and then some! We have short stories, long stories, poetry, and exploratory fiction. This month of September (which just so happens to my anniversary month on GA & in real life!) we have stories that will go live every single Thursday for readers to enjoy. Make sure you check here for links to each one! 

Enjoy these Anniversaries! 

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3 hours ago, Headstall said:

Finished! All read, liked, commented on, and reviewed. Thanks to those of you who supported my poetry. :) 

Just in time for this Thursdays selections to come out.  

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15 minutes ago, Carlos Hazday said:

I'm ready for batch #2.

One more sleep and @Mrsgnomie will stop whining, nagging, and lying about her patience. :P


What? It’s almost Thursday? I didn’t even realize…



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