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Life and kittens



So...my life... Well, Scott's head popped out of his ass for a while but has popped back in. His ass is getting more action than mine. 18 days no sex and if things keep going as they are, it is likely to turn into 18 years before I have sex again.


Not that sex is the most important thing in the world. Actually, right now I would just like him home and in my bed so I can feel him near me.


...moving on...


:D Kitten pics!


These are a few of Little Girl's babies. They are the ones with the odd coloring (though one appears to be black with ghosts of stripes):






These are Marina's babies (the yellow one is a boy, the rest are girls):



Two pics of the same kitten, because she is just SO cute:



Yes, that is Sam. Yes, he is wearing a Vikings sweatshirt.


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I will take the very first one... :P


Hope things work out with Scott for the better.


Lots of :hug: s.


Kurt :D

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Argh Vance! I had my eyes on that one.


They are all cute- the black one and calico look like they've got a lot of personality.


The other two with the unusual coloring are going to be very pretty.




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