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no clever title here



So you'll all be glad to know that I actually don't have much to complain about today. My bf and I had an argument this morning (big surprise there) but something productive actually came of it, for once. See, he has a college degree, but he works as a cook. This is a long story, but basically he couldn't find anything in the area in his field, and I was still in college, and so we couldn't move. He had a go at graduate school, hated it, and quit, which really confused me because he's a very smart person. It turns out he just really hated the subject he was studying, which he picked because he wasn't really sure what else to do. You can imagine that we've argued over this a lot. Anyway, today he was whining about his job and I told him (probably not very kindly) to get off his ass and do something about it, then. He's just been stuck in this frame of mind that there's no point in trying for so long. Soo...long story short (too late) he admitted that he would like to try going to school again, told me some things he was interested in, and I've spent the last few hours being a nice, helpful girlfriend and trying to find schools and programs for him to apply to. I think it's the perfect time for it, because I'm applying to law schools myself, and we're both going to be willing and able to pick up and move to wherever. God help me, but I'm actually feeling hopeful.In other news, one of the guys I was out with the other night (all of these people work with my bf) decided that he thought we had a lot in common, and gave my bf a movie and a CD to give to me. I haven't actually given either of them a shot yet, but I have to tell you I'm wondering about this movie. It's called "Bubba Ho-Tep." Allow me to quote from the back: "Mud Creek, Texas, is about to get all shook up. When mysterious deaths plague the Shady Rest retirement home, it's up to an aging, cantankerous 'Elvis' and a decrepit-and black- 'JFK' to defeat a 3,000 year old Egyptian mummy with a penchant for sucking human souls! Can the King show the world that he can still take care of business?"Er...you never know, right? :blink:


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I hope everything works out with you and whats his name. You two seem to like each other.



Mikie wuz hear  :great:



I think this qualifies as blog graffiti.


Rob :boy:

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