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Are you sure it isnt time for a colorful metaphor?



Okay, so I just have two things to say. One, I'm completely, hopelessly addicted to facebook. I always made fun of all those people who were on there, and on MySpace and stuff, and even though I spend way too much time online I said I'd never be one of them. Yeah, well. I did find a bunch of people I went to high school with, which is sort of cool and sort of pointless, cause it's not like we've kept in touch or I can think of much to say to them besides "wow, it's been a long time." Two, Star Trek IV is the funniest movie I've ever seen. Of course, I should've been studying for my criminal law class tomorrow. I knew getting netflix was gonna be a bad idea. I've also got the English Patient sitting here, sort of accidentally. I always thought it sounded like the most boring movie ever, but everyone always says it's so good, and I had it sort of toward the middle of my list thinking, well, maybe I'll watch it some day, and then the next few things in line to come had a wait and I ended up with the English Patient. So I guess I'll watch it this weekend. I mean, you can't go too wrong with Ralph Fiennes, right?


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OK, I just need to say that Ralph Fiennes is a god. Red Dragon? Oooooh! And I really with Strange Days wasn't getting so dated (takes place on New Year's Eve, 1999) because that was a pretty kick-ass movie IMHO.



Eye candy that can act! :D

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