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too disoriented for a title



Well I'm sure no one is surprised to hear that I'm swearing off drinking on another Sunday morning. Although it had been several weeks. It was someone's birthday, so we did this whole thing with a limo and a VIP room at some really nice club. Honestly, I was sort of uncomfortable, because I hate clubs, I don't do dancing, and I'm used to hanging out in complete dives. But we had a host named Rico (hehe) who showed us to our little private area, and then we had a waitress who kept coming back and being an enabler. I've decided that hanging around people who buy all your drinks for you is a really, really bad thing. If I was paying I'd stop after one or two just because I'm cheap.


I think the night ended badly for everyone, because a girl and her boyfriend got into a huge fight on the way home and there was a lot of screaming and hysterical crying and the rest of us being really uncomfortable. I lost the bit of the night where I actually got home, I just know I woke up in bed at 9 am fully dressed and with my glasses still on. I also seemed to have ripped off a fingernail, it's all bloody and painful. I know, gross, sorry.


I'm really confused because my computer and the clock on the cable box say it's an hour earlier than the other clocks do and I thought the time wasn't supposed to change until tonight. It's really not helping with the general disoriented feeling,


And now for something completely random, Jeff ordered me to blog about the fact that when I was 11 I had a poster of Jonathan Brandis on the ceiling over my bed, because apparently this makes me kinky. :P


Oh yeah, and about the English Patient. All I know is that when it ended I was quite confused and felt like I needed to watch it again, but there was no way in hell I was watching it again because it's three hours long. Somehow I managed to miss the point of how Ralph Fiennes and that Caravaggio guy knew each other. Maybe I just wasnt paying attention anymore by the end.


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Ok, I just talked to my roommate and found out that a whole bunch of stuff happened that I didn't remember. It's quite humiliating but for the sake of a good story, I'll tell you. First of all, we lost one of our party last night. I mean, he wasn't in the club, he was just somewhere in Providence, and we had to go because our time was gonna be up for the limo, so we just left him. (That sounds so awful!) This morning he called my roommate to come get him and it turned out that he had been puking on a street corner and this cop saw him and made him go to the hospital. Then he kept trying to escape from the hospital so they restrained him! But here's the best part, we actually got kicked out of the club. Three people, including, much to my astonishment, myself, had thrown up all over our little VIP area, and the host and the bouncer kicked us out. I dont remember throwing up, or anyone else throwing up, or getting kicked out, at all. Then those of us who were puking went outside and we were supposed to stay put while someone did one last check for the missing guy, but we wandered off instead and by the time the others found us we'd sobered up a little from all the walking around in the cold, which I guess is why I remember the big argument in the limo. Although apparently the girl went so psycho that she started screaming at the driver for some reason and they had to close the partition. I wonder if we're allowed back at that club ever again....The whole thing was on one guy's credit card and we were going to just pay him back, and as my roommate put it "I'm sure we're going to be charged for the vomit."

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Wow! Like Dez said, so rock and roll!


I mean, sure if I owned that club i'd be mega pissed at you, I dont tho so wooo! :P

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