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The sound of silence Bunny saga part four.



So now comes the silence For the last three hours our neighbors the children's parents have been arguing. I know it's about sending the bastard to private school. I knew it wouldn't be military school but he'll be gone. Now the argument is over but I heard the father mention that it was her fault the kid was acting so crazy and that he can't be there all the time.However she blamed me saying that it was my fault and that I instigate them. Which is total BS. I stopped her kids from killing the class bunny's and probabaly saved her from having to explain why her son is a cruel bastard. Maybe the water gun was a bit cruel but they were messing with me and I needed to leave my house. I heard her husband yell at her even louder after that. AT least I know he's on my side.So after their argument the mother comes by and apologizes for her son and invites us for dinner tomorrow night. SO I will keep you posted as I'm extremely paranoid now. Green, weary of the silence.


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This sounds like you are having all sorts of fun Green.

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Since, for some reason, I'm not allowed to make a comment on the "the smell of disaster and the bathroom fight." entry. I'm doing it here:





Poor Green. That kids are MONSTERS!


Tob :ph34r:

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