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Before I dash off to work



Mostly I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank the admins for all the work they put into this website. I've been a member for a couple years now, mostly lurking, but it has been a joy to watch the site expand and improve over time.


As to the current unpleasantness, I won't say that I am taking the Admins side, because they have not asked anyone to do so. Besides, the fact that I have met four out of the five admins, and liked them, prejudices me to look at their words with a little less skepticism than is necessary to make an unbiased opinion. I would ask that all members who might also feel biased towards one side of this situation or the other to exercise similar restraint. The Admin team is not asking us to give them their unwavering support. They are simply letting us know that they have made a decision, and have tried to explain the reasoning behind the decision. They recognize that others might disagree, but frankly those opinions were not solicited and so have no bearing. If they feel there is a threat to the site, it is their responsibility to resolve it, one way or another.


As for my unsolicited opinion, I wish this site well, and hope that we will all shortly be able to put this behind us and come together again as a community.


I also hope that Joe gets over his distaste and starts blogging again. His anecdotes are entertaining.




Edit: My plans for the day included a book and maybe some coffee, but Jesus Christ, the hotties are out in force this afternoon. To the beach!

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Joe is always amusing when he speaks. :)


Oh and thanks, you're absolutely right no one needs to take sides in this.

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