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My Mom's Saga Part I



Today my mom had to go to a gynecologist. She has been having some problems lately, and the last week a nurse practitioner told her that she needed to see the gynecologist. There is a chance that she might have cancer, but I was told that it is a small percentage. That eased my mind a little, but I still see this worst-case scenario where she dies, and that really bothers me. I've already lost one parent. The thought of losing another is unbearable.


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I'm so sorry, Tim.


I'll keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers.


Let me know what happens and hang in there.





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Thanks, Kevin! She seemed okay this morning at least. She was able to go to work, though I suspect she is still sore. I certainly won't turn down thoughts and prayers. :hug:

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Hey Tim,


Sorry to hear about your news. But don't think about the worst case scenario (easier said than done!), because it just makes you upset, possibly cry, and unable to focus.


I know that whatever does happens you can get through it. I have faith in you. : )


Like Kevin said, I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I've been down the cancer road with my family. It's ongoing, actually. And I wouldn't want that to happen to you/your mom or anyone else.



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