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Changing Lanes (and no I don't mean the story per se)



Yes, it's a good title for a story, and it's what I am doing. It's time to put plans into action. I can have a better life for myself, one with reduced stress and more pleasure. I have come across a business opportunity, and I am going to take it. Tomorrow night could very well change my life forever. :)


Lately I have not felt any inspiration to write. I don't know what it is, but it's just not what belongs on my plate right now. Hopefully that will change soon, because I do want to finish a story by next spring. Regardless, I'll end up posting chapters anyway. That may give me incentive to write more just to please everyone.

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hehe you're young changing lanes happens alot

Corp America had done away with Long Term Employment

Changing Lanes is a normal thing these days

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