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Just another day in the land of Michael!



I don't do it for the money.


I don't do it for the benefits.


I don't do it because I'm forced too.


I do it because it's something I love.


I do it because it's something I'm good at.


I do it because even though I'm not working that day I still seem to be there just hanging out, because I love the place.


I do it because I can wake up every morning and say I love my job, even at the hardest times, because it's me doing something I love. How many of you can say you do that? If you wake up every morning hating your job and you go to it being all miserable and feed up chances are your doing the job for all the wrong reasons. Sure maybe you need the money and you have no choice, but what's money used for really? To survive? Happiness? When your doing something you love, you don't need happiness, because you're already happy. When you do something you love, you find a way to survive, because you can't see yourself not being able to do what you love the next time, it just won't happen.


I guess my point is, stop depriving yourself of the things you love, the things you enjoy most. So what if you have to work hard to attain it, isn't that kind of happiness worth it? I think so

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