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A History of Drug Abuse



There was a time in my life that I used drugs. It started innocently enough. I started with cigarettes and alcohol around 14. One time when I was a teen (I believe it was between my sophomore and junior year) I got so drunk that I couldn't even move. I was on the ground, and I rolled over and puked. That was not my finest hour. THe fall before that, I had tried marijuana for the first time with my cousin and my adoptive brother. It also happened to be Thanksgiving. It wasn't exactly a good time for me to experiment as I was going through depression at the time. My parents ended up finding out. They didn't ground me or anything, but they did tell me they didn't like me doing that. I also tried cocaine with my cousin, the very same one in the summer. Luckily, I didn't have a steady supply and crashed severely after using it. Otherwise, I could easily have become a coke head. After that summer I did not smoke weed much until I graduated from high school.


When I graduated, I ended up working at a nursing home as a nurse assistant. That place was full of potheads, and it wasn't long before I became good friends with some of them One in particular was a woman I took to and from work almost every day. She and I would get high a lot. I even remember getting stoned off my ass on 9/11, taking bong rips while watching the horrific replays of the towers falling to the ground. It wasn't too long before I tried meth and crack. I ended up doing meth more times than I can count. I loved the stuff. Had it not been for my friend going to jail, I'd probably be on the stuff to this day or dead. I never shot up. That's the one fortunate thing. Instead I took it in a capsule. Some vitamins you get at Wal-Mart are in capsule form, and you can empty the capsules and add meth. The high was intense. I remember my friend telling me that the only thing missing in the capsule when compared with a needle was heat that accompanied the drug entering the bloodstream (and obviously the rapid onset of the drugs effects).


After her arrest, I did meth a few more times and also marijuana. The last time I used marijuana was about this time last year. I have not touched meth in over 5 years. For anyone out there who's thinking of trying drugs, don't. It's not worth it. Marijuana is tolerable so long as you do not get the false impression that using other illicit drugs is okay just because marijuana is mild. Cocaine, meth, and heroin are deadly drugs. People have spent their life savings on those drugs and have committed acts of larceny just to get a fix. People even kill for them. And don't be under the impression that getting drunk every weekend is a good idea. Binge drinking makes you puke for a reason. Alcohol is a deadly poison, one that is responsible for hundreds of deaths every year.


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Thank you. You may find it hard to believe but I have lived a fairly sheltered life and have never done drugs apart from the occasional alcohol binge and a few joints here and there. Oh and the cigarettes of course *blushes*. However, I have seen what drugs can do...to friends, clients and even family.


Being a mother, I have found it terrifying to watch my daughter grow up and to worry that she would get caught in the same trap. Fortunately she went the other way and is incredibly straight (other than the fact that she's gay :) ) and is a moral crusader (by that I don't mean she comes down on people who slip... I mean generally) I am incredibly fortunate.


Now I have a son and I worry about him. It's so easy to get into and so hard to get out of. I would support my children no matter what they do but I have seen the way drugs tear apart a family... how people change, become isolated or intensely attracted to the wrong kind of people and turn away from, or even on, their families.


It is brave of you to talk about your past Tiger and I wish you a glorious future, starting with wholeheartedly supporting your message.



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Thanks for sharing your story, Tim. I hope it will help other young people swear off addictive substances including alcohol and tobacco.

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Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.


Better to quit young than to wake up with a habit in your forties. BY that time the damage is done and there is not much of a chance at having much of a life afterwards.

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I was unfortunate enough to start doing hard drugs like speed and meth at 12, after a year of drinking and pot with people much older than myself. I had a full time job when I was 15, which provided lots of funds to buy drugs so I had a lot of "friends". Of course a lot of them were in and out of jail over the years that followed, but it never scared me clean until I had a weekend binge fest of all of the above and no food. I passed out for almost 2 days after that. It was scary. Soon enough, I found that the person I wanted to be and the man I wanted to be with didn't fit well with drug addiction and managed to kick my habits when I was 16, but the withdrawls were horrid and intense on top of everything else going on physically for kids at that age. I feel for you Tiger, sharing a story like that takes great courage and if it keeps just one person from thinking that doing drugs is okay, I'll only try it one time, it can't be that addicting, it's worth it! Hugs.

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Cia told everything I wanted to tell you.

"I feel for you Tiger, sharing a story like that takes great courage.".

You have a strong mind and will. Keep going ! I wish you an happy new year and a lot of friends :worship: .

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