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The Most Horrible Comic Book Movie

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After an uninspired version of the Fantastic 4, Hollywood is about to spew its vile wretchedness on yet another comic book icon: the Silver Surfer.


Even if you aren't a fan of comic books, you can tell a good story from a bad one. A well done movie from a crappy, production done on the cheap. Compair Spiderman to oh say... Steel. Never heard of it? Of course not. You have Post Traumatic Crappy Movie Syndrom and its repressing your memory.


In this thread nominate your worst (or favorite) comic book/movie adaptations!



Batman & Robin(1997) was pretty much roach-bait. Clooney & O'Donnell and Schwarzenegger were probably the worst possible picks for those particular roles that could have been found even if you tried.


My rating: 4 barf-buckets



As bad as it was, remember an old 80's version of the Flash? Oh my God, it was horrible. I tremble at the memory of seeing one of my favorite superheros raped to make a cheaper than average movie of the week.


My rating: it made me cry and not in a good way (I was what? 30?)



I've always been a fan of the Punisher but the big screen hasn't been kind to Frank Castle. All in all, Punisher(2005) could have been a whole lot worse. It is MUCH better than the two previous pseudo-attempts at making a Punisher movie. That being said, it could have been a whole lot better. John Travolta was awful as Howard Saint portraying a sophisticated sociopathic mob king-pin as a middle-aged Vinny Barberino.


My rating: 2 stars and a sigh. It had potential.




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I will start off with apologizing. This is not a comic book to movie, this is s book to movie.


Two of my friends and I all read the same book. Blood and Chocolate. We all really liked it, so when we heard that they mad it into a movie, we were all excited, so we rented it and watched it together, another friend that had not read the book watched it with us. The three off us who rad the book firt hated the movie, and the one that had not read it liked it. The did such a bad job at making it into a movie. They changed so much. They killed characters in the movie that did not die in the book. They changed the plot. In the book, two characters had a love affair, but in the movie those same characters were mother and son. They changed the ending, they changed everything, it almost made me cry. They even changed the setting. In the book it took place in the USA around the New England area, in the movie it took place in Romania. It was bad.


Sorry for kind of not folloing the specified topic, just kinda needed to vent this a little, and it kind of relates...



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