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It's the moment you've been waiting for since you started reading this story! It's the moment you've been waiting for since you started WRITING this story! You thought up the characters, you created their personalities, you fleshed out their environment, you followed them through trials and tribulations, doubts and fears, shyness and humiliation....and NOW...the time has come for them to have sex! Woo hoo!!! Sex, sex, SEX!!!


It's the high point of the 'erotic story', right? So now that they're naked and ready for the act of making love...now that you're writing it out, now that other people are bracing themselves to read it...exactly how do you get through it? I guess what I'm saying is...


=How do you handle sexual situations in your writing? And how does this relate to you, as a reader?=


What KIND of sex do you use for your characters? What turns you on? Is it the gentle touches and whispers? Or is it that frantic release of passion that builds to an explosive climax? Do you prefer to write/read about exploratory virgin experiences? Do you prefer a well executed act between two experienced lovers? Or maybe you like the 'student and teacher' approach? Do you like 'implied' sex, or maybe something poetically written, or perhaps something more graphic and to the point? Let us hear what you think about writing and reading sexual acts in these stories, and what you're looking for as an individual!


The board is open! Enjoy! :)

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I *like* erotic stories, and I like stuff where the sex is only implied, also. I mostly read first time sex stories. It's fine if the first-time sex blooms into a long-term relationship. However, I've not found many stories I've enjoyed that start with two older out gay men. I don't know why -- perhaps there's not as much drama in that.


For any story, I want to know why they decided to climb into bed together. I can't stand it when a story _starts_ with two guys having sex. The intro doesn't have to be long, but it should tell me why I care about these two guys doing "it".


First time sex doesn't have to be between twelve-year-olds. And that's probably not realistic anyhow. I have a "friend" who was 28 before he decided/admitted he was gay, and it was another six months after that before he acted on it. And no, he didn't turn into a slut immediately. It generally takes awhile to build up to full slut status.


The best stories have at least a hint of truth to them, particularly about the sex. Throwing in something truthful (like how your butt gets covered with sand when you try to have sex on the beach) helps make the wild orgy scenes more believable. Write what you know. There's no need to describe every thrust -- I have a *vivid* imagination.

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Guest jamieanderson

For those of you who have not read any of my tales, I much prefer to have detailed sex scenes. I am, after all, writing erotic stories. That said, I do like to have a plot and some three-dimensional characters it the story too.


What I hate is the author who spends 90% of the story in excruciatingly detailed account of the foreplay, and then totally skips over the fun bit.


As to writing the stuff, I carefully work it all out in advance, keeping each character

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I find that the more I enjoy the story, the less likely I am to read the sex scenes properly.


In a well written story that has good plot/characters what character A inserts into character B doesn't really need to be specified in any great detail. The characters thoughts about whats happening is much more important than every lick/touch. Some of the sex scenes can go on for a long time, most of it just detailing numerous licks and orifices, I tend to scan over it looking for the character thoughts hidden in between gropes.


However in a story that isn't as good the sex scenes can provide a welcome distraction from characters that aren't that great following a plot that isn't that interesting.

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hns, I think you put it very well. It is very rare that I actually read all the way through a sex scene. I've practiced writing them... but writing those kind of scenes makes you feel rather naked in front of an audience, as it lets everyone know what you the author think about sex...


I'd much rather have plot then characters jumping from one bed to another in a graphically described sense. That's why I like Gone From Daylight... ;)

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I have three stories in various stages, none of which do I think are fit for consumption just yet. :)


That said, the sex scene to me all depends on the narrator. Is the narrator passive? agressive? self-assured? timid? experienced? If it's two virgins, for example, the reaction might be very descriptive of the actions, but the effect acheived might be "that's it?"


If it's a committed relationship, I'm looking for the emotions. If I'm describing a sex scene like that, there's probably some sort of context, and I'll try to draw some of that in.


I like to find humor in sex. Humor is a great way to develop a character. How does a character react to an embarassing situation? If it's first person, how does he excuse it? When he accidently rolls his partner off the bed, especially...


But most of all, I want sex to be there for a reason. Certainly, if it's a thousand line get-yer-rocks-off story that's one thing, but if the characters or plot's important, I want sex to advance it! Otherwise, I'll just skip it.

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I think that the more realistic sex scenes are incredibly erotic! Especially where emotions are involved. When I'm writing something sexual, I love to add in what the character is thinking, how it feels, how it looks, how everything that led up to that moment is relevant to this one mindblowing act. You know? I think that adds an extra romantic touch to the scene itself.


I'm a big fan of the whole 'virgin experience' idea of sex. There were a few scenes, like the sex scene in "Whispered Words", that I really wanted to bring that 'first timer' feeling to the experience. A few others like "Perfect Picture" and "Sibling Rivalry" and others, I felt engaged with what was going on. And I'm kinda proud of those. :)


And sometimes, I let the situation guide the feel of what's going to happen between the two boys. In some stories, there's an awkwardness or clumsiness to it. In others, it might be lustful, or without feeling. Sometimes there's guilt and regret involved, sometimes there's an overwhelming 'wow' that overshadows the act itself. Little details like that, I think, makes the sex a character in itself. And it adds to the story in the end if it's done right, and done with the rest of the storyline in mind.

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