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We Loved Each Other Because...

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That was a great start to your first story, Dhruv!! :2thumbs:


I must admit I know very little about India, so I'm enjoying the descriptions you've offered us so far. I do know that two of the greatest people who ever lived were Indians...Ghandi and Mother Theresa. :music::wub: If I were to have heroes, they would top the list.


Jason's a mess right now...well duh! :lol: Who wouldn't be in his situation? I'm anxious to learn more about Dennis. Annie, of course, is a rare gem.


Umm...this is the first time that I have tried my hand at writing a story. A STORY!! Woah!! How the hell did I get here?


That quote is from your end notes to Chapter 1. I could feel your excitement and your incredulity at the same time. It's like you woked up in the Land of Oz. Quite natural for a newly posted author, though. What was kind of ironic was the efiction statemend at the end that said, "Dhruv is the author of 3 other stories." :lol:


Have you been holding out on us, Dhruv? :o



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The the other two are poems and I highly recommend them.


Wow, that was really good, especially for a fisrt story. Well-written, nice descriptions and interesting plot. I have seen that it's based on real facts. That must have been hard. :( As a matter of fact, I know that you're from Dimapur.


Good job!


Take care,


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I knew you were a greta poet, Dhruv, but you've turned out to be a great author of stories too!


The narrative was great, descriptions were perfect and the emotions carried themselves well. Beautifully written and can't wait for more!! I'll wait though!


Hope you are enjoying your college...


The BeaStKid

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