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How it ends

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I left some incoherent reviews on efiction. Maybe I should've posted here, as there's an edit option! It's too bad the formatting disappeared for the first poem, because that increased its effectiveness quite a bit.

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This reminds me very much of the old saying that life ends not with a bang, but with a whimper.


I think this poem does an excellent job in capturing the feelings one experiences as they look back on their their life, and their time with another person, and see all the regrets and missed opportunities, all the mistakes. I think such feelings are unavoidable. However, I also think that the other side of the coin is being forgiving of oneself and one's lover and realizing that in the end people are only human and life is not perfect.


This poem gives me a lot to think about with regards to humanity and the nature of relationships.


Thanks for sharing it with us!



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