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Real Heroes- add your own

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Yes, we geeks do have odd heroes lol.



Harry Houdini - Escape artist, and debunked many false psychics



Nicholas Tesla - Fought an invention war with Thomas Eddison. Many of his patents and inventions are *still* being kept under restriction.


Oscar%20Wilde.jpgOscar Wilde - Because I'm an English nerd.


All brave men in their own right, who wore no uniforms but put their own dents in history ^_^.

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Firefighters, paramedics and police peoples. They go above and beyond many many times in their careers and rarely get thanked personally. I was badly injured once and I made it my personal mission once I was mobile again to go see the men who helped me, to shake their hands and say thanks. They were oddly thankful, which just goes to show we should do more for them on a personal level.

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