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82 yr old Graduate

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That was my impression too. IN the tv interviews he did, he wanted something to do, to keep sharp, and get out of his wifes hair, lol. I believe he is going to pursue his Masters now, he said. He's definitely getting a lot of attention here at home. His attitude says it all.

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I went back to college after years of wasted years.... And I must say there will always one or two older students there. I don't mean older as in like myself at thirty-something, as that's pretty normal in this economic condition, but I mean someone like this Saskatchewan man, maybe not as advanced in age as him, but definitely in their near retirement age, and looking for new skills and possibly new careers. Please do respect these people who went that hard and never give up. Sometimes I feel I am too old to learn new stuff myself, but imagine how hard it must be for them. Lots of anxiety when I decided to go back to school too..... Things like how people would see me, and I dressed much younger than my age.... Wait, that's how I usually dress myself. LOL!

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I teach in Higher Education and can be a bit...evangelical about the benefits of having older students in the class. That being said, I've yet to have a student who was born pre-1950s! I hope I'm stll as dedicated to education and keeping my mind sharp when I hit my 80s.

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